Missing Brave Rewards Overnight!

Running Brave [Version 1.28.105 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (arm64)] on Mac Pro M1 Chip OS 11.4 -
I only use this laptop on weekdays mostly during office hours.

Last Friday I did not get a single ad and yesterday I up to around 1.45 BAT (100% about this), now this morning as soon as I open Brave my rewards have fallen back down to 0.9BAT. This is not the first time this has happened and this time I’m certain it was witheld or transferred to the wallet as this date has already been past.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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@rikk08 Try to restart the browser and see if it reconciles the estimated earnings. Do post an update.

Leave a 1 star review on play store and complain to bbb. This has happened to hundreds of users.

I did restart the browser and laptop a few times and then after a while the rewards were back. I was not getting any ads all day yesterday but now they are back on.

I noticed that it works really well on my MAC but not on Windows as I only got 0.09 in a whole month in windows vs around 4 on mac

If you are facing the problem that your rewards are keep reducing, then there is a fix in upcoming release. See this-

You won’t loose your earnings due to this. This is just a display error (I faced this before). For me rewards work well in Windows as well.

This has happened to at least a hundred people and is a problem brave has been aware of for years but refused to fix. You should leave a 1 star review on the google play storeand complain to the bbb

Thanks for the suggestion, I will not leave a 1* review for something that works and is just a little buggy at time…Coming from a developer’s background I have a good idea of how difficult/stressful such bugs can be to fix and I know the whole team is working their best to give us an even better browser, which has already replaced Chrome for me.

That’s fair. But a little buggy is an understatement considering this has been a documented problem since 2019.

Hi! Please let me know if the latest version is not displaying the correct BAT, and then I can help invesetigate. Thank you, Terry

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