Brave rewards disappeared from earning and not showing in approximate earning

i got 1.184 bat for october but on November 1 they disappeared to zero and not showing the bats coming on 7th date


they will show up dont sweat it. every month everyone panics as they “dissappear” but they wil get sent and corrected when sent as well usually.


Its normal. Happens beginning of every months. Dont sweat it as the poster above me already said.


But my brave is not verified to uphold or gemini so it should display my bat

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Ignore the other replies, these guys have no idea what they are on about.

There is an actual error which is apparently being worked on. I see there are some on the forum who report that their earnings showed up again so seems like it is being sorted out.

I had the same with all my Oct earnings vanishing on the 1st of Nov.


People did not explain their problem well. And it might just be a visual bug not showing the payout. Since they overhauled this →

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I suspect too that it is just a cosmetic bug. it happened on my Ubuntu machine, but did not on my android, or mac. keeping fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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Be sure whatever you are saying, there are plenty of peeps complaining about this and if it isn’t happening with you then it doesn’t mean that it is not happening with anyone else
Screenshot from 2021-11-02 21-10-27

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No, What I am saying is it might just be a visual bug on certain systems in the new way to display it.
Like the “xxx payout begins bla bla” thing not appearing but working fine on the backend.

For me it works as usual on my PC and on my android.

And in the pic you send, it looks perfectly fine. the pending bat is under ads there. Looks like this for me.


In that case, I have 2 profiles in my ubuntu on 1 everything is fine and on the other, I am getting this problem

So at least this is not a visual bug because of OS.

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fully agreed with you
on my os normal brave shows but on beta and nightly fails

Hi all, is this still an issue? If so, can you please post your OS and Brave version?

Certainly an issue on Fedora 34 using Brave 1.31.88. Chromium: 95.0.4638.69.

yes, out of 4 brave profiles in my ubuntu 20.04 and windows 10 with brave version 1.31.88, only 1 has got the BAT’s other 3 are still not showing the previous month BAT data

Brave: Version 1.31.88 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Linux Mint 20.2 Uma

Earnings for October was around 5 Bat, switched to zero on 1 Nov. Figure under Current Earnings are from 1 Nov.

Image below:

So you all having this issue run Linux or Mac?

certainly I see this issue on Fedora 34 and not on android or win 10.

Iregistered websites since 1994 and so have several so Same thing happend to me so am told i can no longer use Brave or BAT as we have several websites and i had put it up on an older one as a test and once it worked put it up under a more recent website and uphold suspended all my sites and treated me like a criminal telling me im banned. Same Drivers license i just use different emails to tell the websites appart when i get a upgrade notice its nice to see what website sent it.

Hi all, claims for unverified wallets are now available. If your on Linux and unverified, can you confirm whether or not your able to claim your monthly earnings?

thanks, got a claim for monthly earning this morning.