My publisher account is active again

After a few months my account was suspended, finally today I can access my account again and hope there will be no more problems in the future, thanks to @asad for resolving this problem

one more question is the email below

will I get a payment this month, thank you for help

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@blackjincrypto That is good to hear, kindly abstain from any event that will lead to another suspension of your account. Good luck.

2 months?! Is support queue really that long?

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@iznai Thank you, I will be more careful to become a publisher in the future, cheers

@solidmage yes almost 2 - 3 months, I think many publishers experience the same case with me, so keep waiting for it if you experience the same thing with me, cheers

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My publisher account was permanently suspended, they only tell me that but one day I could be active again?

I had my hopes put in this project but according to the support I infringed the norms nor a single opportunity give is not fair I feel sad

@Elfoale I also see many publishers experiencing the same thing, that certainly makes all publishers more careful in campaigning in the future, I also don’t understand about my problems, but I am sure that I really campaign with everything I have, if you Not Having mistakes may not happen permanently, the best hope for you, cheers

Wow, maybe they are just trying to get publishers on the community site? I can’t believe I have to wait 2-3 months to get this resolved. In the meantime I am still promoting their site. It’s been a week and to some that might seem a long time but to me it’s not. I’m wasting valuable space on my site that’s worth $300-$500 a month. I will lose $1000+ by waiting. Brave needs to have a reasonable queue time like 3-5 days.

What’s messed up is they suspend you without notice. I had to login and see I was suspended after the payment wasn’t showing up.

Get your crap together Brave or the same people who are supporting you will turn against you. I will be happy to tell my 300,000 members that Brave is screwing me over.


@Omniscient I agree with you, your ad space is valuable and your audience is yours. No one is forcing anyone to join the brave community forum page. We all have our reasons for joining the community forum. if yours was to clear $1000+ pending in 3-5 days that’s you, Mine was to help people, sometimes vent at people when their comments rubs on me the wrong way and become a brave community leader for my country. We all joined because of some selfish reasons or selfless reason or somthings a little of both. You joined probably to get a leg-up on the other publisher also under review. The messages just states send a mail to and you a can join the community. You joined probably because you felt sending a mail wasn’t enough. @blackjincrypto congrats @iznai congrats too

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I was being cheeky about joining the Brave forum. I joined to publicly express my view on suspensions and the queue time. Sometimes you get more attention to your problems by making sure the problems are well documented. If I had read about Publisher suspensions before I had joined I might not have bothered to do so. So my posts and others like it should serve as a warning notice to potential signups.

I also did send a direct message to the Support Leader. I know first hand what it’s like getting hundreds of emails per week asking for support. They can easily overwhelm.

I consider myself a high-priority situation too. Yes, I am more important than others. I guarantee you that my legitimate support of Brave is bringing them many happy users. I need to know asap if I should stop that support. If this project is being run poorly then I will need to tell my community.

I don’t need Brave, they need me. That’s how it is.

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Hey @Omniscient – PM me the email you use to login and I’ll take a look at your account :slight_smile:

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@Omniscient I feel what you feel, I wait and continue the promotion for them a few months ago since my account was suspended, but some people who experienced the same case before in this forum convinced me, every publisher account would be fine even in a temporary suspension if there were no serious violations committed, I almost waited a few months yesterday and now I have returned to access my account again, I also hope they also review your account again, cheers

@Dgenies thanks

@Asad I got another e-mail today from the Brave team, I hope it’s the answer to my question above, thanks for your help, cheers

@Asad Please answer this

It happened again for the 2x, why was my account suspended again, while I did not receive additional funds from anyone with the same amount, why did it happen when I wanted to receive my payment?

July 8, I should have received my payment, I had been suspended for 3 months and was active a few weeks ago, but why was my account suspended again

With me is the same story. I think that is a common occurrence. never receive any payments for our work. 27th release account 4-6 -suspended. Nobody says why is that happening.

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@ALEXVIRT yes I also just found out about this, for some reason they have to repeat the check manually again and the account that has been suspended before, is suspended again, it looks like a less professional action in my opinion, but I have to respect that whatever their decision

My account was activated in mid-June when 3 months ago waiting for my account to be suspended, on July 4th my account was suspended again, if later my account is activated again around mid-July, I will wait for my payment until August 8, I am sure once on August 4th my account will definitely be suspended for the third time

I hope there is a change for them to change the payment system and select each publisher account well in the future, at least not being seen making jokes like this

today, I’m also waiting for a reply email from @Asad
waiting for my account decision and maybe will announce it here if I really get my payment

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@blackjincrypto I have sent messages to several brave staffs because of your case. I really feel for you and am sorry. I can say some have read it and am yet to see replies but I really feel you have a strong case.

@Dgenies Thank you for your help, nice to meet you too here, 2 days ago I also got a reply email from @Asad via email, I was asked to wait for a decision around the time of payment, so I can’t do anything now, I just I can wait and get the final decision, I have also provided proof that I am doing a campaign and I even include all the links in my profile

I’m in shock! I’m only a few days away, I’m really worried about it. But I look at you things are even worse.
The team is not as professional as it seemed. They clearly can not cope with this project.
For the first time I see such a long support.
Brave is a very promising project, but it is …
Let’s hope for the best!

@Ival if your account does not have a problem and does not get suspended status, I guarantee you will get your payment and do not need to worry about that they will pay you immediately, my account until today is still suspended and it has happened a second time, when this is the date of payment and I’m still waiting for justice here

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