My publisher account is active again

After a few months my account was suspended, finally today I can access my account again and hope there will be no more problems in the future, thanks to @asad for resolving this problem

one more question is the email below

will I get a payment this month, thank you for help

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@blackjincrypto That is good to hear, kindly abstain from any event that will lead to another suspension of your account. Good luck.

2 months?! Is support queue really that long?

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@iznai Thank you, I will be more careful to become a publisher in the future, cheers

@solidmage yes almost 2 - 3 months, I think many publishers experience the same case with me, so keep waiting for it if you experience the same thing with me, cheers

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My publisher account was permanently suspended, they only tell me that but one day I could be active again?

I had my hopes put in this project but according to the support I infringed the norms nor a single opportunity give is not fair I feel sad

@Elfoale I also see many publishers experiencing the same thing, that certainly makes all publishers more careful in campaigning in the future, I also don’t understand about my problems, but I am sure that I really campaign with everything I have, if you Not Having mistakes may not happen permanently, the best hope for you, cheers