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I have sent many emails and no one replied in months!

my brave publisher account got suspended for no reason and it would be cool to have it back asap! I am making new sites and would like to add them to the project but I can’t.

let me know,



Try getting the attention of @tmancey or @hub. Perhaps a Direct Message (‘DM’). Message button - looks like:


Be sure to mention that you have not received a reply to your e-mail messages, ‘in months’.

IF you send a DM to either person, SEND ONLY ONE such message.

Yet, you may still wait . . .

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no reply also on the DM!

do you have a skype or an other email?


Hi @rawdawg

We understand that having your account under review can be a very stressful and uncertain experience. Account reviews take time. We will have a final decision for you before next month’s payout. If you’re cleared, you’ll be paid out in full then.

If you’re suspended, please send an email to with an answer to the following questions:

  1. How did you solicit tips/referrals/etc.?
  2. Do you believe you may have done something to trigger our security checks? If so, please explain in detail.

Thanks in advance.

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