My account has been under review for two weeks

Greetings Earthlings.

So about two weeks ago my Publisher’s account was put under review, a nice little thank you for sending over thousands of referrals. Of course, I immediately swung into action and went to edit all mentions of Brave and JavaScript on my blog to be about Firefox and Rust instead :grin:

But cooler heads prevail so I decided to send a polite email to support asking how long this would take to resolve.

To date I’ve yet to reach a single human anywhere, made a general inquiry to @Brave on Twitter on how long support issues usually take, that was a bit over a week ago and haven’t heard a peep.

The situation is quite frustrating, my payout was “in-progress” and it wasn’t an insignificant amount either. I haven’t been up to any shady business. The bulk, if not all of the referrals are from my Medium publication (warning: satire and bad developer advice follows ahead).

So to end this with a question, how do I get in touch with a human to resolve this?


  • Casper

@caspervonb apologies for any inconveniences.

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions.

The team will get in touch with you after your account be reviewed.

The team will get in touch with you after your account be reviewed.

And how long will that take approximately? Have read several posts on here saying it’s been several months for them already and is still on-going?

Are the referral links and tips still being credited?

  • Is this the expected outcome for all Brave publishers? What percentage of publishers get flagged down by the review system? In other words how many publishers are active, how many have had to go through review and how many have been permanently purged?

  • It doesn’t seem like there’s enough bandwidth to handle customer support as the situation is currently. Why is that? What is the typical turn-around time for a review?

  • Adding a user facing channel like GitHub, which is in the roadmap could potentially create a surge of thousands of publishers, are there any plans to scale up publisher support in anticipation of this?

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I had exactly the same problems. Similarly. I also did nothing illegal, everything is honest, but they blocked me. I wrote a lot of letters during the week. Nobody answered me anywhere except this forum. I just got an account unblocked a week after the block, but I had new problems … Read more …Your account is under review. Why?

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Same issue here. Loved the browser and offer!
We spent close to $5K in ads to promote Brave browser.
I am surprised by Brave’s decision to put acc under review and no follow up from the suspensions team after multiple emails. ( even the basic acknowledgement that they received and reviewing the data is missing)

Why design an offer ( ) when they can’t support it?

@caspervonb Hey there! I’ve reviewed your account and marked it as cleared. Your account was incorrectly flagged during our anti-fraud process, which is why you weren’t paid out.

Only a small percentage of publishers who are to be paid out are suspended. Numbers can be skewed based on bad actors who create hundreds of dummy accounts to try and defraud Brave.

This is a definite problem we’re facing. It’s as much bandwidth as it is tooling around requests. We have 2 primary ways in which people get in contact with us and not everyone has access to the primary Zendesk account. However we’re building integrated tooling into the Publisher’s dashbaord to ensure that we can handle the incoming numbers.

Another problem we face is that when we pay publishers out on the 8th this thus creates a huge amount of support requests within a very small amount of time. We’re talking around ~ 2000 tickets within 1-2 days, in addition the posts on the Community see a significant increase around this time.

I’m confident that once we build better tooling around our support ticketing system we’ll see a lot of improvements in terms of response time, and better customer relations. :slight_smile: I think that if when you logged you were given the ability to create a ticket from the “Under review” screen it would alleviate a lot of the concern. Especially if you were able to access the same UI as before while we were reviewing the information you provided us.

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@vdev Hey there, If you’re spending money on advertisements then we should enroll you into our beta program of Brave Promoters. We’re still working out all the kinks and details of that but would you be willing to start a DM with me to discuss further?


I am also very interested in participating in the beta program of brave promoters. Previously used GAds, but on August 8, my account was under suspicion. Despite the fact that the account was released, I do not have money for advertising now, since I have already spent almost 3000. How can I take part in this Brave Promoters program?

In fact I find it as a bug on reviewing process…

I’m also on program since beginning and my account was turned also into review… It’s true that hurted me, because when you see tokens as from your wallet into another, and can’t get any answer from anybody despite you first decided to be nice and to follow process, I was very angry during some days (Sorry, but I’m human).
I just see that it sounds that we may be lots on same case ?

I have been watching this post for a while now. My experience, I have been place under review 3 times and have also gotten an appeal Rejected. My longest review was about 2 months. My shortest review was 24hrs. I have always gotten my account back. Being almost like a veteran for being under review, I can say it is a delicate dance between patience and persistence. Anyone that sends a message during the payout period is fighting an uphill battle cause they are always flooded with message during that time. My advise keep a cool head and remember you are talking to humans. No matter how angry you are that Brave Reward wrecked your plans, speak to the rep with respect and have your emotions under check. Yes even I did have some of my plans wrecked by brave but I should not have had all my eggs in one basket. @HarryHaller I have been looking at your post, I can say you have a shot at clearing the review.


Thanks @cory and appreciate you taking time to elaborate.

Yep my major point of feedback is that if one could just issue a ticket there and get an actual issue number that would help make it feel less like someone just snatched you wallet and shut the door on you.

@caspervonb your wallet isnt snatched it takes a while to answer every ticket about 2000 ticket on the day of payment. Brave has nearly 250k publisher and a very small support team. So handling the ticket takes a while.

Your account remains active in the background while under review. Free advice create one ticket and stick to it. Creating multiple ticket only compounds the problem for you and brave support staff

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