Account Suspended : Brave Publisher

hello sir/madam this is my concern regarding recent suspension of my publisher account.

First of all i m a Youtuber and already made a video about this brave browser platform and it’s benefits to users. Whenever i visited Any event’s or group chat i always recommend public to download this brave browser for seamless browsing as well as i m having many telegram and WhatsApp groups and College friends where i have shared my Referral invitation after which people/friends trusted me and downloaded it . For the first 2 months after i became publisher i got payments but this time without any notification my account got suspended. Now to be Honest i followed each and every guidelines before i shared referral with public and i don’t think i have prohibited any. Please look into my account and verify Asap and also clarify me that will i face this issue in future too? because many people in community were telling so that their account got suspended multiple times. My small suggestion would be please improve the thing because of what people are facing issue and loosing trust from Brave.


Hi @ani05,

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions.

The team will get in touch with you after your account be reviewed.

Apologize for the inconveniences.

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sir i have mailed there but haven’t heard back yet!

btw can you send feedback to your team regarding this filter process which needs to be improved as i saw many legit people are also having issues

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I received my payment, problem is solved.

@ani05 this one :point_up:

Thanks for your patience.

how much time it will take after i mailed them?

2-3 months
Or never answer.

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