Brave publishers account being disconnected constantly for the first week of the month and now account under review


My creators account started disconnecting from Uphold at the start of the month. I attempted to reconnect it multiple times. It would reconnect and then appear to loose connection hours later. You folks later would comment on the forums about the issue and later appear to have fixed it.

Everything appeared to be kosher and payments should have begun processing. I just now logged into my account and was hit with the notice that my account is under review for suspicious activity. I’m assuming related to this error and my multiple attempts to reconnect my account.

It’s been about a year since you folks did a review on my account previously. I can’t imagine anything has changed since then other than this specific issue and me trying to reconnect my account multiple times.

It’s my expectation that this is resolved and my payment is processed for this payment cycle. This isn’t something I or anyone else should have to worry about or deal with as end users. Paying Brave a 5% cut of our earnings should afford us some sort of stability and reliability. It should be one of those things where you set it and forget it. The e-mail details on my account are the same for my publishers account.

P.S. I would have e-mailed the contact address in the notice, however, last time, nobody replied. It took me escalating the issue on Reddit to get a response. That’s the only reason I’m posting this publicly.

Thank You for the time.


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Thanks for writing in @robert01, can you DM me the email linked to your Creator account? I can take a closer look at what might be going on.


As requested, I DM’d you my e-mail address shortly after you replied last Friday morning.

I just checked my account (Monday 9:20am PST) and my account is still under review and the BAT that was tipped to me was not processed with the months payment cycle.

The Brave Creators program is the only payment and tipping platform I’m part of that requires so much extra effort in trying to contact support staff and checking to make sure nothing janky is going on with my account around payment time. (Disconnects, suspensions, etc)

Can I get this issue expedited?

Thank You for the time and I look forward to my issue being resolved.

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