My publisher account was UNDER REVIEW

Hi ma’am/sir,

How come my publisher account was suspended? As far as I know, I didn’t do any violation. I have a lots of referrals who downloaded the app under my referral link, but I couldn’t received my payout in my up hold wallet this month of June 9/10… Then suddenly I check back my publisher account now, but it’s say “UNDER REVIEW”

I have proof picture of my account the last time I open my publisher account this June 9, It’s say Payout In Progress, than June 10 is say Next Deposit Date July 8…

I got a lot of confirmed… But I wonder why my account was “UNDER REVIEW” now.

Please hoping for your kind consideration…
Please help me back my account :pray::pray::cry:

You should contact support email which is mention in your account so you will get reply from Brave Support member. This issue can only be solve via email support if you did not do any violation.

How to contact brave support sir?

You can Find email at end of notice in your account where you can see “Under Review”

Yes I already email support yesterday sir, but until now I didn’t received any response from support yet.

Don’t Worry, You will get Reply soon. I had also this issue and now It’s solve. yes it took some time because there is so many support tickets

Is your account also get under review before? Then how long it takes before issue it’s solved sir?

Hopefully I get them response as soon as possible

Yes, It was but now It’s active again. sorry for some reason I can’t tell you the time but you will get reply soon!

I see…
Ok thank you

If you fall into a review and the account is lost … mine was the same and never helped me with brave support

@MALG am sorry, wait am not sorry saying your account was lost is a statement. Not providing the context to which got you suspended, paints half a picture. I was surprised when a brave rep reached out and even told me they had visited my site and gave good details of the site. That goes beyond just homepage visit. Been under review 3 times for 2 different reasons and each time I provided proof and reasons. It was during the third review time I joined the community. I never knew it existed until then. I even just discovered the Reddit pages with more users than on the community.

y porque se supone que suspenden las cuentas?? por conseguir referidos?? yo veo a los que consiguen bastantes referidos los suspenden

Hice todas las pruebas que solicitaron en apoyo … envié fotos de todo y nunca me ayudaron :slight_smile:

I am experiencing same issue it shows my twitch and youtube are connected but when you go to my twitch or youtube it says i am not verifiied yet i did verify already.

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions