My pending rewards just reset when I had more than 14 BAT

Hello, today I was looking in my rewards and I had 0.150 BAT when yesterday I had more than 14 BAT, supposedly Brave pays the rewards on 6th December, and how you can appreciate in my pictures bellow I don’t have enable automatic contribution



I have the same issue. My BATs have disappeared.


same issue here. I did not got any ads for days so I re-installed the browser then it works normally so I got the ads, but now I have started the browser and all of my BATs are gone.


In my case I didn’t update and I didn’t do anything with my browser

le pudiste encontrar solucion?

me to i dont do anything but i lost all me BATS

Que va, estoy esperando que el equipo de soporte me responda, también a uno de ellos le he mandado un DM, si no me lo resuelven, esto seria inaceptable, no es mucho 14 BAT pero lo que se promete se da!

Same problem… The computer was on for a long time (like days, with sleep modes). I had a Windows update pending, did the update, reset… no pending BAT.

@Mattches @steeven could support us please? Also I DM you @Mattches. Thanks

It happend to right now. I had over 30 ads viewed this month and know it says I only saw 13. It drops from over 2 BAT (I know it little) to 0.371 BAT.

P.D: sorry for my english.

obvio, si te habla un DM a ti avisales de mi tmb y viseversa si me escriben yo les aviso de ti, me parece inaceptable tener este error, mas cuando uno no toca naada

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Mine reset to zero today too. Is it supposed to reset every month?

Gone like a bubble. Boooshhhhhhh.

I think it only rezet on “pay-day”, but next one is on December 5th

they will be passing the money to the wallets? It appears to me that my next payday is January 5

in my case shows now 6 of January for pending payment but before was 6 of December the next payment. Maybe they reset in the beginning of the month and pay in 6 of December (in my case), I don’t know but they should answer

It was the same with me, but now it reset the BAT back to the amount I had and the date is back to December 6…

do you contact with them or it happens without do anything?

I wrote a post here 10 minutes ago, but that’s about it… no special communication. I think it just happens…

Here’s how it works:
For each month, you receive ads and earn. At the end of the month, a payout report is generated (this may take some time). When that payout report starts, it signals that we are moving to a new pay period and the stats should be reset because they should. Because it is no longer November, it is now December. So the stats you’re seeing right now are the ones from December, of which we are only in the 3rd day of.

On the 5th of December, you will receive a payout for what you earned in the month of November. That’s how it works and how it’s always worked. It’s highly unlikely that anyone here in this thread actually has a real issue and it’s just general confusion surrounding the changing of months.

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