BAT missing? Yesterday I had 4 BAT and today it appears my account was reset

Yesterday I had earned 4 BATs today it appears my account reset. Where did the BAT go?

Same thing happened to me. Had 3.4ish BAT when I went to bed.

Woke up had 0.0something

Cope and pasted from this morning below. 202 ad but only 0.085 BAT?

Hilarious but not

Estimated pending rewards

0.085BAT 0.10 USD

Next payment date

Apr 5

Ads received this month


7-day Ads History

I got the same Bug ! it’s the second time, at least i lost 6 bat and no one replied. I’m with you and tell me if you got any infos !

The proof :

I have the same issue…i had something like 1.6 BAT and now I have only 0.060…I had this visual bug twice i think in the last three months, but after an hour or so, the BAT come back…

@thlu0501 @Shiba7 @MAPAASKLA1 @Andrei.T

Do not worry this is just a temporary glitch.

Wait few minutes or restart your device it should fix itself.

@ShineWhine i already did that (nothing change) and the last time I lost my 2.80 bat I never found them…


Dear Brave users, it seems the brave officials did bluffed us … this rewards is only for name sake … all my rewards was sent back without my concern from uphold … now all my monthly earns through browser is displaying error … browsing in brave is time waste

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Oh okay i can wait, if tomorrow I do not have them I will retag you, okay ? @ShineWhine

same here, my bat rewards balance dropped to close to 0

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I had same problem, then I submitted a request to the support and they said I need to click off button tips for the websites that brave sending them automatically tips so check up your settings.

I am having the same issue. I had about 95 BAT waiting for me. I was really looking forward to April 5th. I am posting here so that I can get this resolved.

i already did that, the problem is bat are reset … And no one (administrators or support) give us them back !

They come back after a while :)))

I am about to reach 3 BAT and everything is good till morning just checked and find that my bat are missing. I’ve only 0.090 BAT and I’ve received 214 ads this month’s

@Andrei.T I wait, i wait …
Edit: i restarted a lot of time brave, my computer and my wifi but no result…

I am also experiencing this. I had ~$100 of pending BAT that has now vanished. Perhaps this is related to the recent fix rolled out for BAT not transferring?
Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet

@steeven can you offer any insight?

Checked again just now, and all my pending BAT are restored. Perhaps there’s some kind of sync that needs to happen?

Hm…Seems to be a problem indeed because when I reopened Brave, the bat came back to 0.07 but I do not know why or how