BATs missing from Pending Rewards

I had about 2.250 BATs in my pending rewards. Now, it shows only 0.170. It has not moved to my main balance. Auto Contribute is also turned off. This is happening for the second time. Last time I lost 4.2 BATs. Please help me out and recover my BATs.


same happened to me i had like 0.600 something BAT in pending reward. now its 0.000 BAT


i just received my BAT back just now check if you got it back too

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yea I received. Happy. But still the 4.2 which went missing last month hasn’t arrived :frowning:

i recieved the new one but the previous 1 bat that i lost 15 days ago didnt came same this happened to me

I see. Hope someone helps

how exactly will you help?

Creo que es un bug que no termina de solucionarse

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I’m sorry but I can’t understand your language

Same happened to me right now, i just recorded it using AMD ReLive, link to the clip:

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Because of these problems is that I cannot accumulate my BAT, I want to accumulate the 25 BAT to verify the wallet, but with these errors it seems that it will take months. I hope they completely solve these problems that you have had for days.


Same issue here.
I had around 55 Euros my pending rewards.
Created an Uphold-Account a couple days ago and today it went to 0.


Wow! So there are a lot of you guys suffering from the same problem.


nice timing bro, it just happened to me now. my 2bat is gone


I had the same problem. BAT Rewards just changed from 0.96 to 0.54 in a day as I started the computer in a new day. Isn’t there anybody official to help solve this problem?

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i had 10 profiles with 2 bat all in (20 bat) all gone in dust :confused:

the funny thing is just now i got all back and all gone again

Same issue. Just lost like 4ish BAT this morning :frowning:

I had exactly 2 BAT in earned rewards yesterday and today it said 1.83 and ads is counting from that number making it 1.86 as of now. That sucks

Same problem here.

Last received BAT in January 2021.

It seemed to be rolling over monthly, wasn’t concerned as I assumed it would pay out eventually. I guessed it had something to do with the price volatility of BAT recently.

However, instead of paying out my estimated BAT this month, it didn’t even roll over! It reset.

Not ideal and not impressed that Brave can not be contacted directly. I hope they see this thread.