My balance resets today

Today my BAT reset to zero, but I have receive more than 500 ads. Until yesterday I have more than 4,5 Bat.


[Versión 1.29.76 Chromium: 93.0.4577.58 (Build oficial) (64 bits)]


Same thing happened to me just now. I have 7.2 BAT waiting to cash out with. I was finally going to have 15 BAT in my wallet and then this happens for no reason!!! Can someone please HELP???

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Hi, the same’s happened to me recently. I hope that Brave support will fix this soon.

Something strange must be going on. I actually just set this account up to post because the same exact thing just happened to me!! I had 4.5 BAT in my earned balance, went to open another tab and right before my eyes, the balance set back to 0. It’s now increasing with each ad I receive, but it started all over again from 0. I’m so disappointed because I was finally going to have enough to send the funds to an Uphold wallet. :frowning:

Yes, I’m having the same problem here! I’ve watched more than 300 ads, please help us!

I’m also having this issue. Only like 56 ads but I had 0.75 Bat. I just got a new phone and it’s not an iphone finally. I was excited to use brave again but this is BS

Hey! I guess this may happend `caus at OO.OO UTC ends August. Here in Argentina it’s 21:00, so I’m still in August. So, I think tomorrow must be the balance show as “BATs to receive” or something like that. Wait until tomorrow

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A todos les ha pasado lo mismo. Es un fallo grave. Contacten con los administradores!

Hey, same here! All gone… What’s going on??

The issue seems to be resolved for me. Just wait it out is what I would suggest for now. Keep checking. A fix should be coming to you all as well.

Unfortunately not for me…

I was having the same issue as everyone else here. Lost my BAT payout for Ads in August. But now I have that message highlighted in blue on my picture above that says my BAT will be arriving in 6days. I would assume all others should get this as well. I did nothing special lol

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@AverageGuy is right here. The banner “xx BAT arriving in y days” will appear for all of you.

Note that this banner will show (in most cases) slightly reduced amount than earned last month. Your Current earnings this month (estimated) will increase in some time to reflect the same amount. Time will vary from user to user (can take a few days also). Do post an update. And try not to panic next month as well.


what is happening am also about 0.66 BATS away to confirm my wallet this has happened two months in a row, not to mention ite is like the 4th time this has happened and someone in brave should clarify on what is happening

@Aman_M No, really my BAT are gone.

Hi everyone. It’s a new month (September 1st). Therefore, your counters will reset for the new month. You should see a countdown in the UI appear shortly.