My BAT was reset to 0

The brave browser reset my accumulated BAT to 0 it had 0.95 USD I went to see an ad and it reset to 0.010 BAT could someone help me?



Same happened to me right now, so sad.

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You haven’t lost them. The Brave clock (whatever time zone that is) just rolled over to 1 August, and all of the July rewards have been taken out of the “Current earnings this month”. We should be seeing another line above that which shows how much will be added to our Brave Rewards wallets in the upcoming payout, but for some reason that message isn’t showing up.

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Sure hope so, because I noticed it today as well, had 3.5 BAT, and it just vanished. Figured it had something to do with it going to me wallet, but checked there and it wasn’t there, so hopefully I will see it soon then.

It happened to me, too, but I was expecting to see the line at the top of that box that is supposed to display how much we will be paid in the August payout. That line isn’t there, but hopefully it will show up tomorrow.

I’m affected as well. Had I think around 5BAT now nothing.

Not to worry. As I said above, it’s just a change in the way BAT are displayed. You will see your BAT in your wallet in a week or two.

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Thank you, if it takes me long to appear, I was already scared

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