My pending rewards just reset when I had more than 14 BAT

Ok now I get back my amount too @lautaro1 miralo tambien. This is confusing

ahi recupere mi dinero tmb

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but now I get back my amount, then was it an error and reset on 5th of December? I don’t understand. All of this is confusing

Mattches, I understand what you’re saying but, with all due respect, no. What happened was that 4 BAT literally disappeared and the date changed to January 6st and then reappeared and the date went back to December 6th. It was a glitch…


For anyone in this thread encountering his issue, please do the following:

  1. Restart your browser
  2. Go to Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads
  3. If your Next payment date reads January 5th, please send me a direct message with the subject line “Payment date changed”, and please copy/paste your wallet payment ID into the message as well. You can find this by going to brave://rewards-internals

Please, if your Next Payment Date still shows December 5th – do not send me a direct message. This is extremely important as we need to ensure we are looking at the right cases.

still no solution. more and more complaints

Whatever the glitch was, mine came back yesterday, later in the day.


Same over here. It came back today

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Mine got paid today, so maybe just wait a day.

I ran two Brave installation. One wallet has 1.7 bat and the other has 15.6 bat. I got a payout of 1.9 bat today. I go back to studying quantum physics.

I didn’t get pay today for the November month, and it says that I will get pay on 6th of January instead of 6th of December. Supposedly today I should get the amount of November. What happens? could anyone explain me please?

I got a reward summary for december now. It has a bit less than 15.6 bat. I wonder when this will be payout in uphold.

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