My last month's BAT disappeared

I was waiting my last month’s BAT but today my BAT is gone i checked my uphold wallet but nothing here too. Can i take any help about that. I’m waiting for a while because i will format my pc after rewards but now i don’t have any BAT if my BAT’s not gonna come back i will delete brave from every device and then im gonna format i lose a weeks already please answer and help fast.
(i have uphold acc btw)

@RBurakGUL When you say last month’s BAT, do you mean that the one that is currently being paid or are you referencing the one we should have received last month? I want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding.

If referring to the current payments, they are still being processed. For many, the notification saying that payment should be soon has vanished, because it processed by Brave or is soon to be processed. If you check Ads Payout Status Update you’ll see it shows:

  • Verified Uphold wallets: :green_circle: Payments Processing (55% Complete)
  • Verified Gemini wallets: :red_circle: Payments Complete
  • Unverified wallets: :green_circle: : Claims Available (check your Brave Rewards)

So Uphold is only halfway done. Once Brave sends, it will vanish from your Brave browser because it’s no longer there, but instead is delivered to Uphold. Then it can take anywhere between a couple hours and a few days for Uphold to put it into our wallet there.

My BAT had vanished like 2-3 days ago and just appeared today. So if this is the issue you are referring to, it should appear in your Uphold soon. With it being the weekend, I don’t know if that plays a part. If business days, usually faster.

Yes im talking about last month’s BAT. And yes talking about currently beign paid. But 2 days ago my balance was around 2.5-3 BAT, but now my balance shows 0 BAT. So if i not misunderstanding my 2.5 BAT gonna be paid in few days or week?
I’m asking because when i check april details today i earned 0 BAT but few days ago april history works fine day by day.

Not sure where you’re looking. Assuming your Brave Rewards browser is still connected to Uphold and it showed up there, then you might have seen the pending transaction arrive at Uphold and it showed. Then it kind of vanished as Uphold was making sure to convert it.

Where I hesitate though is sometimes people look at other areas which can be a bit confusing/misleading.

One of the things I will suggest/ask though is what do you see if you go to Uphold and Log In there? Does it show any recent transaction history? If nothing yet, then it shows that Uphold hasn’t finished and it’s at I mentioned prior. So it will appear for you shortly.

But if it appears and then was taken, that might lead to other discussions. I only mention this as if you haven’t turned off Auto Contribute and/or if you tipped anyone, it’s also possible to see a deduction for those things which could cause the small issue. So I’m trying to make sure I’m asking the right questions and being as honest with you as possible. Overall though, I’m wanting to tell you to relax and you will see it soon.

I’m using uphold acc actively BAT’s not arrived yet so i decided gonna wait untill uphold process reach %100 then i will update this topic.
Thanks for great support.

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My BATs arrived i hope everyone get BATs without any issue.
And for future i hope it will arrive faster then this month.
Also @Saoiray helped a lot, appreciate about that.

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