BAT disappeared from my Brave Rewards

I have been collecting BAT tokens from this browser for a month. I got to Nearly 6 BAT and I had a message saying that the payment is processing and that my 5.921 BAT will arrive soon and to keep my eye out, and then it dissapeared. It hasn’t shown up in my balance or my uphold account. Is there any way of retrieving this?

Estoy en las mismas.

I also had the same message until yesterday that my reward was being processed and that I should be attentive and today I find that my 7.75bat that I accumulated in June are not reflected in my uphold account or in my brave account. I would like to know where my bats are

Are you in supported region? If no, highly unlikely that you will receive them.

If yes, then have patience. It has become a thing now, they process everything almost in a day or two. I have been receiving my BATs the same way, in 2-3 days.

I received other BAT from a different device successfully only a couple of days ago. Im in New Zealand

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