My experiences so far (Android)

Platform: Android
Hey guys!
So I have been using Brave on Android now for a few months after being convinced to give up my lifetime supporting Firefox. Mozilla essentially destroyed the potential of Firefox by effectively locking people out of what always made Firefox the most open, transparent and customizable browser on the web. RIP about:config. Theyve also been getting incredibly pally with Google over the years and succomb to essentially being held up by Google in terms of funding. Now their browser, especially on Android resembles more of a Google app chock full of, yup, product than anything else. Enough about FF.

So I moved to Brave. All in all good browser. Considerably faster than my current FF setup although it has several add-ons that by design examine what is going on (uBlock, uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere, CAD, Privacy Badger etc). Seems the Chromium engine is somewhat faster than Gecko? Overall I would say Brave is a far more superior browser than Firefox, which to me is dwindling and long since been compromised in terms of integrity, but thats just my personal opinion.

The niggles…
The browser freezes randomly. By this I mean the window will stop being dynamic and stops updating. You can actually continue to perform actions as I have tested (click URLs, forward and back, scroll up and down etc) but you CANNOT see these updates until you minimize the app and then return to it. Then when you return the app snaps to the last action and so if this was scrolling down the window will update in a delayed fashion to reflect these actions. As I wrote this it literally did it just this second.

No support for addons.
This is a big disadvantage for me as modern browsers are now, whether preinstalled or not, addon/extension dominant. I see Brave has 10 installed by default. It makes no sense to shut this part of the browser market out. The majority of the highest rated/most downloaded privacy related addons for browsers are such for a reason and their ability to enable better privacy is real, albeit sometimes at the expense of a more unique footprint.

Poor browser hygiene standards.
No auto-delete data on exit? For me personally, this makes zero sense. You make a browser that aims to reduce tracking and then seek to encourage users to keep their data persistent between sessions. All privacy/security focused browsers put this practice at the forefront of its usage.

I think thats about it.
Thanks for your time and thanks for your continued efforts.

When you say no auto-delete data on exit are you talking about this by any chance? Brave Search Question - #14 by Mattches Because this was a question I had and I could not remember how I set it up, it is a very strange round a bout way of doing it. If this is not what you are talking about, sorry.

Hey, thanks for referring to me to the link provided.
That would be for desktop releases I imagine. There is no “On Exit” tab item for the Android version I am using.

What niggles me the most is its now a common feature in browsers. FF for Android has it. If we cant have isolation/containers then it makes sense to provide at a minimum basic features for automatically deleting data per session.

Thanks for your help

No problem. I suppose you tried checking out the same/similar steps on android and it is not the same? Honestly I do not have it set up like that on android, funny enough when I asked that question I was going to but decided eh, I’ll let it go for android only. So yes I never actually tried it out either for android.