Some constructive criticism

G’day to all you Brave souls, I am as my profile calls me, a GEEK. When I surf the web I have sometimes 3 different browsers running several windows each and hundreds and hundreds of tabs open. This is not an exaggeration see in the attached screenshot that is the FF windows open and only one of those windows is open behind list and it has many tabs alive. Brave is running 9 separate windows all with many tabs open, and also 3 TOR sessions. My PC has 16GB of RAM yet at times even that much is not enough, and the biggest memory PIG on the internet is Firefox. I have to regularly force FF to crash via taskmanger so I can do anything aas my PC is at a standstill and I open TM only to see FF instances all consuming 2+GB of RAM each and climbing leaving me no other option but to force it closed so I can use anything, and this gives a session restore to catch up with fresher memory. I have grown to hate FF for this as it has been a problem forever. But the interface/layout is sooo wonderful or I guess ergonomic, and chrome is so much the opposite that the missing things that FF has grown to be desired by many a user, two simple yet totally desired simple features the Chrome UI lacks that FF still has, the menu bar on the top, you know the File, Edit, Tools, Help mennus and the old status bar at the bottom, shows one the true URL and whether the page is actually loading or frozen in time, I sooo miss them when I use this Brave/Chrome UI.

Chrome’s use of RAM is also heavy, but no where near what FF consumes, Opera is a slight improvement but worse than Chrome, ad Safari in Windows is the better one for using minimal RAM, and then there is Brave. What a breeze to surf with ignoring the UI issues, but the Popup Blocker in Brave kicks ass, it is far more superior to all except Opera, but so far Brave stands tall as I have never yet had a popup rise up, and sometimes I surf the High Seas where popups are a plenty, yarrr. And Brave still has not once even looked like a popup was trying to make itself seen. Not even some of the top 3rd party apps for blocking them work this well.

Two to go, first having the webtorrent feature is awesome but it seriously sux, a total redesign of the interface is badly needed there, and it is screaming for some functionality. I have only seen a single added torrent ever resolve to get size details loaded, but it never downloaded even 16KB, so a FAIL there. But the worst lies in the brilliant idea of the crypto ads being poorly put together. This Uphold group has gotta go, or give us more options, were they the cheapest option or has someone in the Dev team got a mate there or something? you two are not a perfect match, their business model does not give Brave users any benefits at all, a 65 day wait period to claim coins and the payout fee from BAT is harsh. Why does it need to even be there for anything other than the ID verification service? Brave built a wallet into the core, why can’t it be the tool used to exchange BAT into anything else? It seems that would be a logical step to use.

Uphold should be either making the process simpler or something, but they seriously need to reword their "Buy crypto with credit card information. In fact they also in the hype the spew about no fees for anything and buy crypto with Visa. I live in Australia where Visa works happily, my country is not on their list of unsupported countries, I was able to successfully have my ID verified but I also added my VISA but when I go to buy I am met with a change currency to USD or EUR or GBP to buy. WT*!!! You just went on and on and on telling me anyone can buy with VISA oe Mastercard, they are global companies but I cannot because their claim of “anything to anything” is BULLSHT. Once account activated I also fiind the fees are not ZERO as the HYPE claimed, though the fees are low they are not ZERO. Isn’t that false advertising or lack of disclosure? Or was the HYPE written by a 3rd party, because it is very Clickbaity. Then there is the 65 day wait and the one payout per month. These features could be added into the core with the Brave Wallet and be far less messy for us poor users. They should only be used for the ID verify and nothing more that Brave devs could build into Brave’s wallet. doing this would not only remove the 3rd party from getting their internal policies actually hinder the success and growth of a browser that would become the browser of choice for all to kick FF and Chrome to the kerb. Because these things would put Brave ahead of the curve and either stand out for superiority and force the rest to change and adapt or get left behind as Brave takes over. Because most other things are a big step forward, the memory consumption and the popup and security blocking toolset is doing it like a BOSS, but I am also aware that it is a work in progress and I installed one of the first builds a few years ago before the BAT, it was the torrent functions that had me interested. But the torrent’s didn’t work and it was slow so I kicked it to the kerb. This is fast forward a few years to now, many imrprovements and the BAT idea rocks. Test number two has been semi pleasant, until I met Uphold and tried to fund account, which they had convinced me that anyone could do with a Visa or Mastercard. Then I came here only to find others frustrated with Uphold also, and then I found the 65 day thing and that PISSED ME OFF. I am gonna post them a blunt call out on the broken promises on their Facebook page, that sht is not acceptable and grossly deceptive behaviour, the introduction made promises that it does not give accurately, sorry disclose accurately.

With the 65 day wait, they require your photo ID and picture to verify your identity is less than 2 minutes but then needs a further 65 days to “ENSURE” that you are really that person they already verified. So I am making an accusation which probably is my imagination or it may be somewhat true. But it could also easily get tounges wagging enough that it harms them.

Uphold CEO, how much profit/interest have you gained on our BAT tokens for that 65 day period where you are still unsure of our identity that your system took 2 minutes to ensure my ID and actual appearance match and my Visa card does not work. Your actions have only caused more questions to ne asked regarding OUR funds that your HYPED up introduction screams of ZERO FEES more than once. Only for that Zero figure change bit by bit and the ANYONE can buy crypto with VISA or MC, and nowhere does it mention the USD, EUR or GBP only. CLICKBAIT is what it is and you are not doing Brave and their team any favours at all.

That is all, I have had my rant and I hope the Devs take note. How many other users feel that Uphold are hurting Brave’s reputation and why doesn’t the Brave wallet do it instead. Less code, users don’t have to then create another account with a 3rd party who doesn’t answer to Brave.


Ha me agree karta hu Brave k pass khud ka wallet hona chahiye.

Google translator :- Yes, the Braves must have their own wallet.


It is time to build the BAT wallet into brave only.

That solves all kinds of problems, also regarding your privacy.

Uphold saves data of the user, I would never store my BAT or personal data by any external service.

There are many improvements that can be made to Brave.
Uphold has to go.


I don’t use Rewards but it appears this is both Brave’s primary development concern and its biggest shortcoming. The complaints on this forum are endless and comprise a majority of the posts here.

There must be a better way.

I agree with you about Brave’s adblocker, speed, etc. It rocks! :+1: :+1:

For example, when Brave is turned on to change the shields setting, the memory consumption increases. It cannot clear this memory consumption when closing the interface. It will solve big problems if it solves the memory cleaning job and clears the memory that has swelled in other extensions. As far as I can see, the biggest problem is that the memory swelling problem cannot be cleared.

Just touching a few points. CryptoWallets is a huge pig with memory use. If I’m not going to use it after I needed it for something, I just kill it in the task manager and I need to login again next time it needs to be used. The GPU process I also kill every once in a while.

I believe the two best things to do with BAT if you want the value yourself. Either hold it hoping that it goes up or wait until they add redemptions for giftcards for something that is of interest. The biggest hurdle for BAT exchanges is complying with tax regulations, There might be people today willing to accept BAT for things so you get the best of the future now.

For the record, Apple abandoned Safari for Windows in 2012…

And by the way it’s a miracle to me why all in the Windows world are so obsessed not to use their RAM. For Mac heads it’s a completely different point of view… only used RAM will help to speed up your computer. And don’t mind - modern operating systems should be able to manage the RAM as optimal as possible. So a bunch of free RAM don’t helps you for anything?! It’s only one - unused!

I don’t understand this endless RAM discussions… and this is not a Brave’s own topic, I know these also from Firefox and so on. In every programs community there is always this funny RAM discussion. :slight_smile: