Minor feedback note about Brave -- Thanks! (TRY it, you'll LIKE it.)

A few months ago I was poo-pooing y’all. I’d been using FF and Chrome (and Lynx, and IEeee!) for decades - they had warts but were reasonable. Because the Chromium engine is going everywhere I tried out Vivaldi and others (PM) but kept going back to Chrome, or surprisingly enough, Brave.

After using Brave mostly for a month (after doing add-ins), it’s been working great and I’ve started moving everything over on it w/o problems. I’m using it with Chrome Plug-ins:

  • Lastpass
  • Chrono Download Manager
  • UBloock Origin in Advanced mode - https://youtu.be/2lisQQmWQkY?t=8s
  • NoScript (I tried the native script-block, but )
  • Enchanced Steam
  • Dark Reader (white characters on a dark background, internet-wide, site-disable(-able?)
  • Toby (home page replacement – VERY addictive as well over time, but still can’t create a backup.)

Everything works great. (some self-inflicted NoScript/UBlock overrides to add) I especially liked here the lines:

Loading a script from an edge-cache does not track … Brave aims to maintain a working Web, … We found that blocking certain third-party scripts broke many sites, so predicated on our cookie blocking and fingerprinting protection, we hardcoded some exceptions to ensure the best possible user experience.

That’s very time-intensive and IMO reasonable.

So just wanted to drop a line from a surprised user - thanks!

@AEIOU welcome to the community. The Brave New World

This browser is amazing is it not ?