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Hi, new here.

I’ve been using brave for a while now, and I made an account specifically to read the answer given in the following post: Quick Questions About Brave's Ad blocker , however I now get the message “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”. I’m looking for a comparison between brave and others, safari (+adguard)

the reply that I cant acces:

I’m interested if there are any advantages to using brave compared to Safari + AdGuard ? I find a lot of comparisons between Chrome and Brave, but that’s not what im looking for.

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This question stumped me. I don’t know enough about how the various ad blockers work or the differences between them and brave’s implementation. BUT, it’s nice to not have to worry about finding a good ad blocker and just letting brave do it’s thing. It’s also super fast annnnnd BAT! Even if you don’t care about BAT, you can donate it to youtubers you like and other content creators so for me that puts it leagues above other browsers.

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Yeah i’m a huge fan, BAT is groundbreaking imo only brave ads aren’t available in my region yet.

I was just curious for that topic, I made this account to read it after having a discussion with a friend about brave vs other privacy addons

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Since the add block is integrated, i would imagine its a bit more optimized and less clunky. It’s built into the ecosystem and part of the overall structure; developed along side the platform rather than shoved in by a third party. That’s what I would say to your friend :slight_smile: I also have alot of faith in the development team and the creator (same guy who created java script and co founded mozilla firefox.

I double up. I also have uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, and a couple of other privacy extensions installed along side Brave. It doesn’t seem to detract from performance, and I see that they still catch things from time to time.

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built a Christmas tree out of brave browser decorated with extensions ?
Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree:
God bless brave

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I mostly only use the Android version of Brave, but have tried the Windows version as well.
I haven’t found the ad-blocker to be very effective at all. Most ads still get through, and the script blocker is totally useless without an easy and quick way to allow specific scripts to run for each web page I visit.
Brave should look at NoScript and how it works in Firefox for an example of an excellent script blocker that drastically speeds page loads and reduces bandwidth usage.