Some problems with Brave

Brave’s progress is really appreciable. But some problems are there also. Please observe each. I tested Brave along with many browsers personally with professional and advanced tests. I came to these points:

  1. Brave tells that it block ads and getting popular but cosmetic filtering is not supported now. I know devs are working but please fix as early as possible. (Firefox with ublock origin works perfectly for cosmetic filtering)

  2. Brave tells that it blocks trackers and prevent fingerprinting but it is easily revealing device model number, etc. (which Firefox, Bromite, etc. don’t)

  3. Updates were regular since last update. But after it now even Chrome 85 has released since many days but Brave is still on 84. And also there are some bugs.

  4. Now on android according to me, new Firefox is the toughest competitor for Brave. Because it provides better tracking protection, adblocking with cosmetic filtering, speed, most useful option for external download manager.

These problems I am discussing after various tests. It’s hard to solve all but devs can try.

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