My brave rewards just dropped from around 3 bat to 0.18

My brave rewards just dropped from around 3 bat to 0.18
the history of ads viewed is till there, but contributions dropped!


The estimated earnings likely reset for the new month of January.

Payouts are currently pending and BAT accrued from December will be paid out soon.


the earnings for December show up as 0.
Earnings from Ads

View deposit history


0.000BAT0.00 USD

Monthly contributions

0.000BAT0.00 USD


0.000BAT0.00 USD

@abondar What you’re looking at is something that likely should be and will be removed from the browser in the future. The history was for vBAT, to show BAT earned and what happened. When we are connected to a custodial partner, none of that touches the browser and there’s no recorded history.

There are two numbers to look at. Let’s peak at this screenshot below:


The one on the upper right is the estimated earnings for the month. Obviously when the month changes, it goes back to 0.

Estimated earnings aren’t written in stone but shows a range of what we likely will earn. It’s not a solid number because some ads may not reconcile, may have been for different regions (we only get paid for viewing ads from our own region), etc.

Then the number on the left, the one that’s much bigger, this is the balance of BAT in our custodial partner. So in the screenshot, it is showing I have 50.274 BAT in Uphold.

Again, to clarify. The number on the top right goes to 0 each month. The earnings from the prior month begins payment around the 7th of each month. Key part here is the word “begins.” You aren’t guaranteed to have the BAT in your account on the 7th, it’s just when it starts sending to everyone. It can take anywhere from a few hours, days, or weeks for payments to arrive. But we do always get our payments.

You can track payout status at Ads Payout Status Update

What I said was that that number one the right goes to 0 - that’s fine.
I have now received 1.38 in my uphold account for December. Though, the estimated earnings for December were around 3. A 50% drop in payout is a bit concerning.
Also the statement for december payouts is stating 0.

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