Showed 1.588 BAT and suddenly changed to .383

When I opened my browser today, it showed 1.588 BAT. and suddenly it has changed to .383 and after that some ads displayed and it is now .393.
My next payment is jan 7.
So on Jan 7, brave will pay me the BAT earned until on that day - possibly .5 or .6 BAT.
Okay. After that, what will happen is: You will be earning BAT for the ads you will be seeing thoughout the month from Jan 7th to Jan 31st. And on Feb 01, your earned BAT count will RESET to some very low number or zero. and until FEB 07 you will accumulate BAT and your wallet will be credited with the earnings from FEB 01 to FEB 07…

I think this is what is happening after all these recent updates. Correct me if I am wrong guys.

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