Brave rewards reduced suddenly

I had 9 BAT yesterday and now it is showing 4.5 BAT. My auto contribution is off since ages and I have not transferred them to uphold account. I tried clearing cache too but nothing changed it is still 4.5 BAT.


Yeah this is because of the new update.

Before it used to show the entire Estimated BATs, but from now it only shows the Estimated BATs of this month.
All the BATs that were removed today shall be given to you this month.

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How do you know about it ?

Because one of the Moderators had said that our BATs from “Estimated BATs” may decrease.

And if it does decrease, they must pay it out too… So wait till the payout date before going further with this post.

Same. For the third time. At this rate I’ll earn enough BAT to create an Uphold account some time in 2026. But I doubt it. Realistically we’re looking at 2031 if we’re lucky.

Yo dude, you don’t need 15 BATs to verify your your account.

Download Uphold app on your phone and get it verified by submitting the required documents. It will take few minutes and will get verified.
Then just login into your Brave Browser by using that account.

Thank you for your service. I don’t use a smart phone enough for it to be worth the trouble.

Hello Philll,

Uphold can also be setup/accessed via computer browser. You do not need a cell phone. Take care and make it a great weekend!

Thank you for your service. Uphold wants me to have a minimum of 15 BAT to verify so that BATs can go directly into the wallet. As I understand it, the earnings so far are in some kind of Brave limbo, and they regularly disappear. After 4 months of using Brave 10-14 hours per day I have 1.75 BAT. Considering the circumstances, I’m hesitant to invest in any BAT just to get the wallet open. Perhaps I’m missing some details here.

You don’t need 15 BAT to verify anymore god damn it…

Just read this article by Uphold themselves, hopefully you get it this time: Uphold-Verification Method

alright thanks mate !

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Hello Philll,

I don’t have 15 BAT and I was able to create an account with Uphold and verify. Things may have changed since you last tried. Best of luck to you.

same issue , the rewards digit got decreased 4 times within 48 hours.!!

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