Brave always stole my bats!

Hi!, You stole my BATs. I had almost 5 accumulated BATs and now I only get 2.
Give me back my BATs. You always steal my job.
I never clicked auto-contribute.
Where is my balance?
Give me back my balance

We must not accuse without proof. You may be right, but be more explicit, post screenshots. Here, we cannot answer your request without details.
(And be more diplomatic if you want it to go faster.)


How many ads have you seen?

Sometimes the system shows an incorrect estimated balance (like you have 2 bats and when you open brave again it shows 4) you should calculate, if each ad is 0.010 bats, then for example 200 should be 2.000 bats.

hey, do you know if they pay based off of ads watched at the end of the month?

cause my estimated balance cleared for no reason but it still shows the ads ive watched.

so wondering how that works, thanks so much!

They pay the ads you saw the past month (1st to 31th), anything else should keep in the estimated.

When you say “Clear” you mean 0, and since when? The browser sometimes do a buggy thing when you’re opening it and it shows you a lower estimated balance, but it fix automatically.

I’ve only been using brave for about 4 days so I haven’t been paid at all yet.

My estimated BAT for my first 2 days was around .47 and around 40 ads.

Then on my third day browser crashed and when I reopened estimated rewards was 0 but ads watched was still 40. It’s been 2 more days I’ve kept using the browser regularly but the BAT hasn’t come back.

I’ve already submitted a support DM to Steven just haven’t heard back yet I know they’re probably busy as all hell lol. Just looking for any guidance or confirmation

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Oh, ok, welcome to the community my friend XD.

ok, I suggest you to wait, because the admins are a very few and a lot of people use brave, and they’re like super busy this days making the payouts (If you see in the future it don’t pays yo at the day, don’t worry, they’ll do). Also, try to send captures too, that’s very helpful.

I would suggest to wait for the support of @steeven (and keep calling him for help) and keep using Brave. I mean, it’s the first time I heard about such a case, but I think it could be just a bug.

Yesterday I had more than 4 BATs, almost 5, today I only have a little more than 2, there is no link where to see the statistics and movements to see where and where the tokens go.
All the balance I made during the month of March disappeared and was not credited to my uphold account


If you didn’t receive payment for the month of April, please see the official payout thread for instructions on how to proceed:

If you’ve only been using Brave for four days, you will receive payment for ads watched during the next payout cycle, which starts on the 5th of May.

The weird thing with @Darmanitan is that he says he’s balance were deducted, and he didn’t made the claim process.

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I assisted some users with the same issue as you just yesterday and they reported that the estimated earnings eventually did return and everything looked as it should. If you do not see your earnings return to what they were by tomorrow, let me know and we can dig into the issue further.

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Wrong button, sorry :sweat_smile:

Quick Question, I’ve seen a lot of cases where the Bats that should be in Uphold are not completly there (They have 300 Bats on the Rewards, but uphold says there’s 20 Bats), But I realized all of them have the old version of uphold. Does that affect? Should them try using the new one and check if the complete balance is there?

What do you mean when you say “the old/new version of Uphold”?

I have been using Brave for over a year. And it is not the first time that the BATs disappear

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The old / The new

Exactly, they were not credited in my uphold. @Darmanitan
I would like to see an account statement, a list of the movements of my account

@Mattches According to the official payment thread, payments to all verified accounts have already been completed.
As I have said in other publications, I have been using Brave for more than a year, I have my accounts verified and it is not the first time this has happened.

Good morning.
@Mattches I really would like you to help me know what happened to my balance.
As I explained, I had almost 5 BATs collected, and yesterday only 2 appear and I have not been credited in my Uphold account and I have the Automatic Contribution deactivated.
It is not something that happens often but it is not the first time it happens.
I would like to see some statistics or account movements to know where my BATs are going. :sweat:

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sent you a PM Mattches, haven’t seen any of the estimated rewards come back. more information in the message, thanks a lot for the help man! no hurry i know you guys have to be as busy as all hell

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