Rewarded BAT goes missing one day later

Last months BAT that I earned was added to my wallet yesterday which brought me up to 303 BAT. Today I check and there’s about 24 BAT missing @ 279.5 BAT. Why is my BAT vanishing? Last time you said it was an update. Pretty sure I’m up to date. My version of Brave is Version 1.5.123 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I just got another update. Its hasn’t fixed the issue of last months rewards inexplicably vanishing from my wallet one day after receiving them. Looks like you guys are very busy right now so I’ll just check the situation tonight. Its probably Uphold shenanigans, They’re horrible when it comes to customer service and verifying accounts,

Hi @peggy,
Can you confirm if the missing BAT was a grant or ads earnings?
BAT Grants have and expiration date.

I also lost BAT from ads earnings earlier this week.

It was from ads. Have no idea about grants, or why it would be taken away after being granted.

Ps, my earnings where totally ADS based. My time, my data, BAT’S profit i guess

My missing BAT popped back into existence! I had all but forgot about it.

Hi guys right now Im experiencing the same issues hoping tommor it will back.

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since there is an update when i look to GPS i will try to update it.

I have just completed my first month, accumulating 52 BAT as of 10 pm last night. I checked this morning and I have 12 BAT.

I do not share my BAT with publishers. So I would like to know where this has gone?

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