My all wallet balance is lost

bedore making account in zebway i was having 7 bat in my account but after creating the
account in zebpay all m y bat just disappeared and i waited till 8 octiber as it was showing to wait till 8 octiber and now the date is there .Neither ihave got my october earning nor the that 7 bat which i had lost.and it is showing 0.00 balance in my brave as well as zebpay account so please return my bat balnce of october as well that 7 bats. i think it is you are reputed company so you can manage the user wothout chaeting with them and not just buliding your own way

You will have to wait till November payout for that amount to show up in Zebpay if connected to Zebpay after 1st October, if before, then should receive this payout itself. The balances before are transfered in next payout being bundled with estimated earnings.

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