Did I just lost my BAT?

So I’m a user from INDIA. I recently got to know that brave rewards are back and get acessed through ZEBPAY. So immediatly i created my account in zeb pay. After creating the account, I linked my rewards with zebpay. As soon as i linked it to zebpay, My previous bat which were about 50+ dissappeard from bat balance. i checked in zebpay balance too. There was nothing.
So, should i start earning bat from the start or my bat will be back?
anyone give clarity on this.

beside the bat balance after its showing this note: Now that you’re connected to ZebPay, any previous balance you had will be deposited into your ZebPay account as part of your next earnings payout. Once it arrives, you’ll see your BATs reflected in your Rewards balance.

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This is your answer. Like it said, any balance you had before connecting will be deposited in your next earnings payout. This means in November you’ll receive it.

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So as why have they disappeared not in brave nor in zebpay

@Gi7 It’s a long discussion between things like https://brave.com/rewards-changes/ and all, but the short version is it subtracts it from the browser and queues it up to send to your ZebPay.

With ZebPay being newer connection, it’s not as stable and quick as Uphold. Typically for those using Uphold, the balance would go away when you first connect but it might appear within 24 hours. For ZebPay, that’s not yet possible. So it appears in the next payout.

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