BAT collected vanished after connecting Zebpay account

For India, I understand zebpay is to be connected to recieve rewards in the future but I already had around 5BAT collected in my android phone brave browser. As soon as I connected my zebpay account, the collected amount showed zero. Checked with the zebpay app and it does not show there either. Needs to be resolved immediately.

Please see the messaging included in your Rewards panel. Devices connected in October will be paid out during the November scheduled payout period.

@Evan123 some users don’t see the message actually, sometimes that message doesn’t display at all.
@shaam_arafath please search for similar topics before creating one. There are already many similar topics.

BTW, since you’re here, might wanna check out

Have shared some info about Zebpay withdrawals, fees and all.

No such message was and is being displayed. That is the reason I opened a new topic. I opened every option and cog wheel and three dots and settings and search and read even the terms and conditions page of zebpay. There wasn’t a pop up. That’s why I doubted whether I will revieve the BAT or not.

You should see a ‘?’ icon located in your Rewards widget panel.

November payouts are pending and will be paid out within a week. If you do not receive your full payout please let us know. Any payout status updates will be shown here: Ads Payout Status Update

Thanks again!

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