Information for users connected to ZebPay

This topic is gonna be having some info about the new custodial Partner for Brave rewards, Zebpay (Currently for India only).

  1. When will the BATs I had in the balance section before connecting to Zebpay appear in my Zebpay account?

Any balance you had earlier, in the browser will be bundled with the earnings you have for this month (ads seen in this month which will give you the earnings for this month).
Was told about this by Chriscat (project manager for Brave rewards in a community call), also I guess users should be getting a notice showing the same in the rewards section or rewards card on Desktop.
Sharing a screenshot below →

  1. When will my current earnings arrive?

Your current earnings should ideally arrive the consecutive month.

For example, you connected your Zebpay account in September 2023, you see brave ads in the month of September, you’ll see the balance in current earnings section in brave rewards increase every time you see a Brave Ad. (it’s a range of the amount between which you shall receive the payout)

The amount earned for a particular month are paid out to your Custodial Partner (in this case Zebpay) every consecutive month.

  1. How to withdraw my BAT amount to my bank account?

The BAT you earn will be deposited to Zebpay each month. You can sell these BATs in exchange for INR and withdraw that inr to your bank account (you need to verify bank details on the Zebpay account page though)

  1. What is the Membership fee charged by Zebpay and how to have it waived off?
    I reached out to Zebpay and they said that the fee cannot be waived off by the brave rewards deposit each month.
  1. This fee is only applied to accounts in which there have been NO trades done in the previous month.
  2. The fee will be charged on the 1st of the month for the balance on that date
  3. If your balance on the 1st is zero, you won’t be charged any fee. At no time will your balance go below zero

How to waive it off ?
By doing one trade of any crypto coin or by using the Lend feature.
Available crypto assets that can be lent are below

For anyone wanting to read the long official response can expand the answer.

Official Email from ZebPay

Thank you for contacting ZebPay’s support.

Please note, connecting your account to brave rewards and getting BAT deposited to your Zebpay account each month will not be considered as an activity to avoid membership fee.

You need to do at least one trade (buy/sell) in a month or use our lending feature to avoid membership fee being applied to you for that particular month.

The membership fee is not charged to all accounts. The membership fee is only for inactive accounts (accounts with no trades in the previous month).

To ensure our members do not pay any membership fee, we give various options so that you can reap benefits of all our features which helps them not only to trade but to earn passive income and earn yields from profits made by ZebPay:

  1. If you trade even once per month, you won’t be charged the membership fee.
  2. Alternatively, if you do not actively trade and would like to hold onto your coins as a long term investment, refer to the link below to see our new “Lending” feature:

We make all the attempts to ensure our users are aware of the membership fees.
Information about the membership fee is available on your app under the menu section (three lines on top left of your app) under Fees section and also available on our terms of use on our website as well that every customer reads before investing.

Please understand that the membership model was implemented as there is a cost associated to maintain an inactive account.

Please check the link below for more information:

  1. If my balance is Zero, will the membership fee cause my balance to go into negative?
    Nope. It will never be negative. If you don’t have any assets in you Zebpay account, you won’t be charged the membership fee.

So, for Brave rewards, the below is helping to waive off the fee -
So, in ZebPay, there is a Brave Rewards section and there it shows BAT balance in two parts. One as Brave Rewards balance and the other as ZebPay BAT Balance:

The monthly payouts from Brave would be first reflected in Brave Rewards Balance and then the user will have to transfer (manually or Auto Sweep once in 90 days) them to ZebPay. As long as BATs remain in Brave Rewards Balance, they won’t be included in ZebPay Portfolio and will not be used to deduct Monthly Membersship Fee. These are their responses to my ticket-


*Example -
let’s say you get 2 BATs in October payouts and you transferred them to ZebPay but didn’t make a trade, your entire 2 BATs will likely be deducted to make up for the membership fee-

  1. What are the fees for trading my BAT / any other cryptocurrencies for INR and for withdrawing the INR to my bank account ?
    So, Zebpay will be charging 0.5% as fees and 1% as TDS ( Tax Deducted at Source).
    Once, you get the INR in your Zebpay account, you can withdraw it to your bank by paying a withdrawal fee of 15 INR.

  2. How to Deposit money (INR) to ZebPay account ?
    If you want to deposit INR into your ZebPay account go to the portfolio section in ZebPay, you first need to verify your Bank details by entering your bank account number, IFSC code, Bank account holder name etc.
    Once verified, you’ll be able to add money.

The Types of deposits allowed are RTGS / IMPS / NEFT

Do note that some banks / bank accounts charge fees for IMPS / NEFT / RTGS. So you will have to check it for yourself if any fees will be levied from your bank for your type of bank account.

Make sure to deposit money only using this bank account cause if you add using some other account, you will not receive the deposit in your ZebPay wallet and might lose that money and if you want Zebpay to assist you in such case then there’s a 500 INR fee.

  1. What are the fees which can be levied by ZebPay ?
    I have already explained Membership fee in point 4.

i) Deposit fee - 12 INR per deposit

Example - You initiate a NEFT to your ZebPay account of 1000 INR, 12 INR are deducted as deposit fee so you’ll see 988 INR in your ZebPay INR balance.

ii) Crypto Deposits - NIL / No fees

iii) Fiat Withdrawal - 15 INR fee
You need to have atleast 100 INR to be able to withdraw.

Example - You withdraw 100 INR, you will receive only 85 in your bank account.

My suggestion - Withdraw only when you have a substantial amount of INR in your account. Since this is a flat fee and not calculated as per percenatge therefore, fee levied for withdrawal of 1000 INR is the same as 100 INR.

More details are at

@Saoiray you’re free to make any corrections or add new points to this topic. Thanks to @Aman_M for providing us with a very simplified explanation of the fees.


I’ll be adding more details like if there’s any fees for maintaining a Zebpay account or not and try to get answer for questions users might have.

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I’ve reached out to Zebpay about the question asked by someone regarding the membership fee.
We’ll see if a bat deposit to our account be considered for the membership fee waiver.

Can you please also mention if I can connect multiple brave browsers with same ZebPay account? if yes then how many?

Currently, I have connected my personal brave profile with ZebPay but I would also like to connect my Work profile as well.

There’s no actual answer to this but you shouldn’t have a problem being connected to 4 to 5 I guess.

The system only rejects the connection if it detects too many connections like 15 to 20 or so

Thanks for your answer.
One last thing, I don’t see ZebPay option in my creators account? why?

It’s not been integrated yet. No ETA on it yet though. But supposed to be in the works.

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Nice. I had actually sent them an email a few days ago and not gotten a response. Essentially was asking them on similar points. @SmartyAadi, do you know if they have any fees for withdrawals? Like if you withdrew your BAT to your bank each month, is that plausible? (I’m too lazy to look right now, especially since it doesn’t impact me, lol)

Good point. Have added that in the main post.

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Oh, so ₹15 they charge to withdraw? If Google is right, that’s equivalent to $0.18 right now. And current BAT is like $0.17, though was $0.18 yesterday. Would mean having to pay like 1 BAT each month to withdraw. Question is, how much BAT is everyone in India getting?

It does stink how you’re pretty much having to “sacrifice” 1 BAT each month but it makes sense that fees and all have to be covered by someone.

Haha yeah, its kinda seeming more of a hassle to me since there’s a membership fee involved. So if you kinda calculate 0.0001 BTC to INR, then you’ll notice that its high. If you convert it to USD, it might seem small but according to the income in India, I guess 200 INR is still big for many people. It could get you a good meal for 1 at some restaurant. Probably even a BK whopper and a softie ice cream. Lol.
To put it in a more serious way, you could get 1.5 GB of Internet for 4G or below generation with unlimited calling time and Unlimited 5G internet for 28 days with this amount.

On average earning around 12 BAT each month from my 3 Devices I guess. Since this is a flat fee, I will suggest withdrawing only when you have a substantial amount of INR in your wallet.

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That would be $2.65 ( ₹220.19). So if can do something that costs around $0.18 compared to $2.65, that sounds like a great deal to me, lol. Assuming that doing the withdrawal would be enough to avoid the fee.

BK Whopper by itself here is $5.79 (₹481.09) base price. Then in Florida is a 6.5% sales tax (which usually gets rounded up to 7%. So total of like $6.20 (₹515.16).

My point was that you would incur this loss if you forget to withdraw some month.

Lmao, I know. Just was sharing how pricing differences between countries is kind of amazing.

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1% tds if you file income tax previous year… if not 5% tds

And also this is only tds you have to pay 30% tax by filling itr…

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what is this membership fee ? If we transfer BAT to zebpay then we have to pay 0.0001 BTC ? what ? Bro, this will be total bat earning of a month.
Past year, I earned around 20-25 BATs per month but this year, it reduced to 15 BATs.

Nope not exactly, the membership fee is the fee to maintain your account. I’ve already shared the waiver criteria which can be done easily.

Yes. I just read about it.

  1. Lending option will cost around Rs. (1600-2100). You have to invest this amount.
  2. Other one is make a trade of minimum Rs. 100 each month

Yes, so users can do whatever they prefer. Thanks

Wasn’t there an official post on the Brave website about these details? Don’t tell me they expected users to go in blind?