Lost BATs After Conencting with ZebPay

I have 10+ BATs which were lost when I connected my wallet with ZebPay. Now it is showing, zero balance in Brave wallet and also there’s nothing in my ZebPay account SHould I be worried? @Saoiray @SmartyAadi

Nope. I think it you don’t receive them in the next payout (October) then should be worried.

Unlike Uphold / Gemini deposits, Zebpay will be a month behind on vBAT to on chain bat.

Do you mean I will be receiving that next month?

Yes. Please check out my topic at

Same thing happenned with me as I connected with Zebpay… I was having 26 bats and the moment I connected its showing 0 … Although my Statement history is stiil showing rewards received until March 2023.
In rewards Internals at brave://rewards-internals/ In the Event Logs its showing three entries with key promotion_vbat_drained for 26.75 … that I fear might means that all the Bat are drained or lost… can anybody else check it in their accounts?

@Saoiray @SmartyAadi

Hey. If you go to Zebpay - > press on the left top corner three horizontal lines → Brave rewards

Does it show up there? Like just curious. I can’t check since I don’t have vBAT

You didn’t check out the topic I linked. Before posting please check out topics which have been linked in a thread. I’ve already mentioned why this is so.

In zebpay on the left column there is specific link for Brave Rewards but there are no BAT showing up there… and yes I hv seen ur post but u said it will be shown in next month’s earning but this promotion_vbat_drained is something rare in found in brave and some users of India after connecting are showing their BAT in balance after connecting… Need to check again with those users but check why this promotion_vbat_drained error happens bec there is not much info about it in this community…

Oh. Thanks for checking. Was just curious if the amount was to be transferred mannualy.

That vBAT drained means that the vBAT information has been shared with the partner and uou should receive it in the payout and in case of Uphold / Gemini it would be kinda instant.

Please hover over the yellow question mark next to your balance:

But when I was with Gemini (untill it was supported in India) it used to the entry “promotion_Claimed” when the Vbat showed in Gemini and it used to happen between 12-15 of every month… and I cant see any entry like promotion_vbat_drained those days…

It’s because that time you had to click on the Claim rewards button which would then add to your Gemini balance. Now all custodials do direct deposits bypassing all the Claim button since VBAT doesn’t exist anymore. Now all payments are on chain.

Oh ok, thanks, that i did know … i always clicked the claim button

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