My account was suspended with no reason

hi a year ago I discovered your browser and I loved it and I started trying to make money with affiliation! I promoted your browser to all my friends and family as possible, on discord servers, on instagram, doing giveaways, and mainly on the youtube channel where I have 75,000 subscribers! but a friend suggested that I invest some money to be sure and I also created ads on facebook (profile with 15,000 followers) where I promoted the affiliate link, and I invested a lot of money, also because I saw that the statistics went up more and more! up to a point when I logged into brave to check and they told me my account was being reviewed…i waited and then emailed support and they told me I was banned for no reason only which seemed strange to them. I don’t understand what happened with my account even today, but after all the time spent promoting and all the money lost now I really want to know what happened! thank you very much for considering.

Some times it happens when you tip yourself bat from token grants bro. If that was not the case with you, try contacting them through mail. Hope your account will be active again. :+1:

Hi @AlexGod, please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks.

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