Account under review.(No response from suspension email)

Account suspended past day of payout.
sending email to the but they don’t response to our messages…i have more 6 friend who have this problem. @steeven sir please solve this.

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Please write into
Greetings, your account may have been suspended due to the breaking of the terms and conditions of the Brave Browser Community, we recommend you send a dispute informing what happened and showing all kinds of activity generated from your URL / User Link referred to in the affiliate program from Brave Browser, including places where they have been Posted.

If you are a creator, we recommend that you send a Channel / Twitter / Facebook or Social Network where you have an affiliated Content Creator account to check that said account complies with all the terms and conditions, remember to be transparent and tell what happened as soon as possible and Possible Description, since our system Detects any misuse of the Same Platform, Send Screenshots or upload them to and then Attach them to the Following Email.

Please write into

Remember to Attach your Email created by Brave Browser so that the Team Check your account and can take action on the Matter regarding your Expulsion or Ban from the Brave Browser Platform, since if you provide us as soon as possible your case may be examined and Answered more quickly.

Do not Attach any type of Content to this Messaging system that is to say to my Person since I am not Authorized Personnel of Brave Browser.

What’s your problem???.
I’m saying they’re not replying to my message. I’m just waiting. What else can I do?
We haven’t broken any rules, so why are we suspended?
we want solution.
don’t tell me to mail at
cause i already mailed.
And I have given enough evidence of how I have referred, do not come to give knowledge.
If you can fix the account, you will say that there is nothing more.

Thank you in advance.

@Browsers is correct. If you’ve already emailed suspensions, then that’s all you can do. There is often a large queue of emails and yours will be answered when we get to it – the same way we get to everyone else’s.

Please do not create any future posts like this on Community, as it clogs up the forum and nothing can be done about your suspension from here.
Thank you.


same happened to me still waiting for response