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—1. I registered on Brave Rewards Creator. After I connected this account to the YouTube channel.I waiting for confirmation (24-48)h .Then I got my referral link , after I invited people on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram to click on my referral link, download the Brave browser, and use the Brave browser.Also I have more friends on Instagram with many followers that helped me promote your browser and get this number of installation.I just promote the browser do not do anything bad. The referral are real people and I would like to work on your project further by promoting your browser and get him number 1 because is real a good browser.

—2. I swear I did not do anything to violate your rules , I have the best intentions and support your project.

—I have invested money in your project to make a good description of your browser in my country where you have only gained from the downloads, there are no bots, are real people who have been informed by this browser through public figures who have many followers on Instagram. Therefore, this advertisement of your product cost me money. I did not work with just one person, there were several, I invested my last 500 euros in advertising your product. I lost a lot of time and money . Please solve this misunderstanding and hope to be as receptive as possible.

----If there’s no way to connect and talk with me I’ll have to go to court . You’ve interrupted my account access with some false accusations . All I have to do is sue you or get in touch with me and explain.

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Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions


I’ve consulted a thousand times the group is closed

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Give me a tip what can I do please

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