Because it is suspended

because my account is suspended if I did everything right, I made the brave browser known on YouTube and among my acquaintances. getting referrals and earnings :frowning:


same, unfairly suspended

What’s the email linked to your account @MALG?

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My account is suspended too.

Same here mine also suspended without any reason and after that they reject my appeal!
This is unfair brave team!
I already send my publisher mail linked to you @steeven
Please help me with these situation!
Am totally innocent!

@prc do something on this …
It’s our hard work!

They did not suspend me, it was that I had problems with the internet haha ​​sorry I’m just waiting for them to pay :slight_smile:

@Sinizster please email

Right bro! Let’s see what happens next!
I have so many expectations from Steven

Today I got a response from the suspended account, and they didn’t reactivate my account, even sending the prints of the campaigns I did. Is advertising by any chance prohibited?

Today I received an email from Brave where it says that my account will be permanently suspended, what is happening, it is an unfair decision, they must explain,? I think Arya is not doing fair reviews and just suspends all accounts for no reason … @steeven please help

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Closing this thread as suspensions aren’t discussed on Community.