Brave suspends the accounts because he just wants and that's it

On the 7th they suspend my account that I had with 160usd referrals I already had a month and a half waiting for my payment advertising and they come and block me and the joke is write to the suspension email and they do not solve anything and besides, the money is lost that I do not have a job in person and advertise on the networks so that they download and have real referrals, what a shame for brave

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Right now they come to me writing that I write to suspension, do not be naive that they do not respond and apart they do not say why the account is suspended and now, point 2 when you suspend you have to say why where is the fault, nothing is explained how a person leaves To defend, example they put me in jail and they do not give me an explanation of why you ask you defend yourself and they only ignore you that way it is brave.

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And the joke is that even the referral code if it continues to work I am eliminating it from everything so that nobody downloads it because it lacks respect on its brave part @steeven

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Hello, they will only respond to you by email, prepare a well dedicated topic with a good title and a minimum description of 1000 words, add images and income methods to your referral link here they will not respond, I will leave you this context.

Please write into

Greetings, your account may have been suspended due to the breaking of the terms and conditions of the Brave Browser Community, we recommend you send a dispute informing what happened and showing all kinds of activity generated from your URL / User Link referred to in the affiliate program from Brave Browser, including places where they have been Posted.

If you are a creator, we recommend that you send a Channel / Twitter / Facebook or Social Network where you have an affiliated Content Creator account to check that said account complies with all the terms and conditions, remember to be transparent and tell what happened as soon as possible and Possible Description, since our system Detects any misuse of the Same Platform, Send Screenshots or upload them to and then Attach them to the Following Email.

Please write into

Remember to Attach your Email created by Brave Browser so that the Team Check your account and can take action on the Matter regarding your Expulsion or Ban from the Brave Browser Platform, since if you provide us as soon as possible your case may be examined and Answered more quickly.

Do not Attach any type of Content to this Messaging system that is to say to my Person since I am not Authorized Personnel of Brave Browser.

Same thing happened with me…
they didn’t response to our message.
shameee on this.

If they respond, calm down. Steeve responds according to the Attitude of the users and their behavior, quality of Writing, content and the Emails queue.

i understand but this is very disappointing bruh…we don’t have any jobs we are brave publisher understand that.
advance thanks.:broken_heart:

That is why better means are being created so that all users Loyal to the Brave community remain, look at it on the good side, You are blocked now, but in January you will be able to have your Income, and if you continue in the Forum and contribute with The Community you get the Latest updates for Income Generation, something good is coming, calm that Managing Bots users is not Easy. The accounts have been disabled by Bot Security since it was creating Hundreds of Miles of accounts for the generation of bats automatically and that hurt users who did work Honestly like us.

Everything is prevention and security for a better system.

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I understand that they are doing these things for protection and prevention.
We have been working according to the rules for a long time.
We mailed the support with proof many times.
Now we have no chance of getting our account and money back???

Not now, that is, they will not transfer you as soon as they unlock you, you have to wait for the new payment date when your account is fully active.

when they will check my account bruh…
how many time latter?

It usually takes a while, but your case will be answered calmly, if everything is Ok, your account will return to your hands.

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Thank you very much brother, I got a little peace of mind after listening to you
I got a hope now.:purple_heart:
Take lovee…:purple_heart:


hopefully so I already sent everything with images with everything more than 1 month waiting. and my other profile that I use in this same account on the 7th they also ban in mine I had already charged in this one bank I do not understand

Create a new, more complete message with the Instructions that I have given you. The more information you add, the easier it will be to study your case and be able to solve it.

Issue will be resolved by direct email with