Brave suspended my 20000 Bats + 1 year old account for no reason

As the title says - Recently they suspended my 1-year-old account with ~20000 Bats

The website traffic is from SEO search engines and not any shady. That’s why I’m posting here! :smirk:

Now they just permanently suspended me! with no help! :japanese_goblin:

I served as an honest publisher for more than a YEAR. The whole time I used brave on the same websites and why now then? While I never did any changes for the entire year!!! (I got a payout almost a year on the same websites)

and they never wanted to show some love for what we promoted. :poop:

I don’t care if they let me in or not because brave is not the only monetization method that left to me.

But I do warn for any other honest publisher! you can get kicked anytime with no reason and with no help! as they did to me :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

P.S. If you still going to asking my email, here we go -

Hi @johnsv, suspensions are not discussed on Community.