Still banned :(

I promoted Brave in many different ways for almost a year when the referral program was active. For different promotional methods, I linked different YouTube accounts to separate the referral links. After over 6 months of promotion, I was suspended for breaking a rule that I was unware of and then my account was unsuspended shortly after explaining my side.

Vinny assured me that I was allowed to continue receiving tips and using the referral program, but I would be banned if I broke the rules again.

Several months later (around 2 weeks before the referral program ended), my account was suspended again and I am 100% sure I did not break any rules. I was not even told what led to this suspension unlike the first time.

I have two YouTube channels (with 600k and 90k subs retrospectively) that I used to promote Brave and receive tips from my audience which I can no longer use even though those channels had nothing to do with the original suspension, and the 2nd suspension was baseless. I am posting this to see what I can do to participate in the BAT ecosystem once again and receive tips from my audiences. I would like to encourage my audiences to opt in to ads and tip their favorite creators.

Would appreciate a response, thanks.

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Hi @RadioNation, I can help to take a look. What’s the email linked to your account? Please DM. Thanks in advance!

Same problem here. Could you help me?

You are still working. Why don’t you reply my mail? How do I receive my money?

Dmed you, thanks for the reply