My account is under review (again)

Hi Team,

My publisher account is under review.
Can you please tell me if you are looking into it ? I replied two time to your email asking for more informations, with no answers from your side.

If anyone can help, it would be very appreciated, thank you @steeven and @blacksaint.

@lokan blacksaint isn’t from Brave. Why did you tag them?

Because he was tagged in another post of the same subject by “at Steeven”. I don’t understand whats happening here.

@lokan yeah, he’s just another person who had issues. He tagged Steeven to say he had an issue and Steeven replied and tagged him just to let them know he was looking into it. So blacksaint would have no ability to help you.

In regards to email, I’m assuming you’re speaking of If so, I know it can take time and they always have people going through it. I’m not sure when you last received a reply nor when you last replied to them. But at least you have Steeven tagged and he might send you a DM you later to try to get more information in order to help.

Thank you. Yeah, it’s been a week and a half. I’ll wait.
Thanks again ;)-

Hi @lokan, following up with a DM.

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