Your account is under review 13 days

Hello everyone, tell me what to do, my account is already 13 days in check, I wrote letters to and to, but there is no answer. I sent all the evidence that my referrals are real, donat is also real, but support doesn’t predict what to do? I ask for help …It’s not normal that support for me for a long time does not respond.

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Brave only support big ranking website and famous YouTube. If little web/YouTuber got tip = banned :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
So wait them review your account. Hope unlocked soon. Also don’t be zombie opened your account to check still reviewing or not. Just forget this. :wink:

So I never recover the account?

@olekitka @MALG there are many requests compared to the support team is quite small. It’s done by human not machine. So it’ll take time. The team will get in touch with you asap once they finish review your account. Thanks for your patience! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sate2 wrong. :slight_smile: Many “small” publishers get paid.

Hey Elijuno,
I have promoted brave browser through my app and earned about 25k$ and due to big amount of traffic your team think that all of my traffic is fake and suspended my account and I have even provide valid app URL and now team is not responding at all.Can you please check my case my registered email is


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