Moved BAT to Brave Wallet and won't let me move it out

I used to have a Gemini account that stored my BAT, however since Brave launched their integrated wallet, I moved it over to that. I am now trying to move it out, but it will not let me confirm the transaction as the Confirm button is greyed out. What am I doing wrong?

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Can you tell me how to do that ???

Does this thread help? Cannot Confirm Transactions

Not sure how to switch back to the deprecated wallet. Have dropped a comment on that thread, don’t suppose you would know?

I have switched to the deprecated wallet, but still doesn’t help. Now, the ‘Next’ button is greyed out.

@brian This is still an issue for me and I am not able to access my money. Can this please be escalated as a matter of urgency?

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Could you take a screenshot of that? Thank you.

Please see above screenshots of the deprecated wallet and new wallet.

We are tracking this issue here: A fix is already under review by our team, and should be available soon in an update.

How do i move my Stored BAT to the brave wallet
I dont have an uphold or gemini account linked
i just want to move my earned BAT to the newly launched Brave wallet
and it seems possible since u have done it
can u help me do that too
is it prerequired to have linked to uphold/gemini

is there a fee involved with this
like when u want to send from one wallet to another

You need to have uphold/gemini to move BAT which you get from Brave. You can either buy BAT from open market like coinbase, binance and easily move it to the new wallet. But, the Bat you (we) get from Brave needs to go through uphold/gemini.

BAT is an erc-20 token on Ethereum blockchain. To move BAT on Ethereum blockchain or even on Solana Blockchain, every user needs to pay gas fess. gas fees are a type of transaction fees/network fees which a sender needs to pay. Follow this guide to undersant it.

@onyb This has still not been fixed in the 1.32.115 build. It is still greyed out but now says I have insufficient funds. When is this issue going to be fixed and when am I going to be able to get my money?

If you don’t mind passing your address I could check if the ETH balance for gas and BAT balance is sufficient. But yes was released in the latest hotfix which should have solved the Confirm button issue.

My address is 0x767b3a0CCe551F5CDE1995bD0A0d1Bcef7623E85

I don’t have any ETH balance as I have just earnt BAT from the Brave Browser. I had a Gemini account that let me move the BAT into the Brave wallet no issue, but now the Brave Wallet won’t let me move it out. Can you please advise how I should get my money back?

Brave Wallet is independent from Brave Rewards. Please see the rewards panel (triangle in the URL bar) for Brave Rewards.

The transaction above is showing the correct message since you don’t have ETH to pay the gas fee for a transaction.