How do I shift my BAT into Gemini?

I have registered for Gemini, confirmed email and phone, submitted my ID photos to them.

How do I shift these 50 BAT into my gemini acct? Thank you.

Well your wallet says Disconnected, which means your browser wallet is not linked properly to your Gemini account. Can you please click on the Disconnected button and reconnect to your Gemini account?

To anyone who has my Q- I believe I have solved it by #2 from this link-
Go to brave://rewards/#verify

and it will allow you to link Gemini.

Hi, thanks. I think I solved my problem by going to brave://rewards/#verify , which gave me a prompt to link to Gemini. I think I’m good!

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Glad to hear it. Closing this thread as solved – don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.