PLEASE HELP. I can not transfer my brave wallet BAT funds it keeps giving an error message insufficient funds even though theres BAT in there

I have created both a gemini and uphold account and i try to send the funds to my adress for my gemini or uphold wallets but it keeps giving an insufficient fund error in red when i hit send. Sometimes the insufficient amount even says 0.00 so im sure this is an error. I somehow accidentally purchased the bat when i clicked on a games website that uses NFTs and it was saying something about getting a free NFT in the game. So i thought i was just linking my account/wallet. But then i see a charge on my bank account for 115 dollars. I look in my wallet and theres bat in there and im like well that sucks but i can transfer it to coinbase or something then back to my bank account. Im very new to crypto but i assume thats how it works. Ive been messing with this for hours now with no luck. I JUST WANT TO GET my money back this is rediculous.

How do i transfer my BAT tokens into an external wallet so i can send them to my bank account? Because so far ive tried coinbase, uphold, gemini and NONE of them will work. Any help is appreciated thank you.

If i cant transfer them is there a list of online storefronts that accept BAT as currency so i can at least buy something with this?

I have a lot of questions and things to say but unfortunately it is getting very late and I just lay down in bed. I don’t know if someone else can provide more details but I do want to give you one quick answer.

Brave Wallet is different than Brave rewards. If you have not purchased basic attention token’s, which is BAT, then you most likely do not have any sitting in your Brave Wallet. In order to have your BAT from Brave Rewards appear in Gemini or Uphold, you would have needed to have verified accounts with them and log into it via your browser and the Brave rewards section. If you have verified there and connected the accounts then when they do the monthly payments, which they are processing now, that will arrive in your Gemini account.

So you can’t manually transfer BAT from your Brave Rewards. As to Brave wallet, they are eventually going to turn it into a more full scale situation and better custodial wallet. But for now it is in an awkward place and they are still building on it.

I hope I answered correctly based on what I’m reading. I am wanting to assume that you were seeing a Brave rewards balance and you were trying to transfer using Brave wallet.

If I was wrong and instead you really do have a balance in your Brave wallet and you are trying to send what little bit you have in the brave wallet somewhere, Then most likely the situation that you’re facing is that you’re not leaving enough behind to be able to cover the gas fees. What they call gas fees is just a service charge basically for everything to be moved over and handled along the Ethereum network.

If you need more information or have more questions please tag me on this and I will respond sometime tomorrow if someone can’t give better assistance. But for now it’s nearing 4 AM and I have to be up at 8 AM. So I better get to sleep or I’m in trouble. lol

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Yeah its 4 am here too i understand lol. Thanks for the reply. Its not brave rewards, this is from a mistaken purchase i somehow made of BAT tokens and its in the brave wallet itself not the rewards from Ads they give. I have zero of that. It was on a website that wanted me to link my wallet to get a free in game NFT. So im like okay cool free stuff. Next thing i know im being charged $115 dollars and so i checked the wallet and theres 96.89 dollars in there now. Here are some screenshots minus account number etc.

If it will help i can post a screenshot of the error message im getting on the transfer to the wallet. Like i say ive never really used crypto so its possible its user error on my part but ive tried sending 50% of the funds in the brave wallet even and it still keeps giving me this error message. Anyways thanks again for the reply and any help you or anybody can offer because atm im at a loss of how to regain any of my funds or baring that where i can spend BAT tokens to actually buy anything? Id be fine with that if u know of some online storefronts that accept it but i have no idea how to even find that out.

Here are the actual two error messages, 1 i tried to send 100 percent to the wallet, another time 25 percent and it still says insufficient funds? Do i need to get etherium to cover the “gas”? if so how do i go about that if i cant send anything out of the brave wallet?

Ok i bought a few bucks worth of etherium another 10 dollar fee for that bs and it still wont send. I give up. This is really starting to make me mad needless to say.

the gas fee is way too much for you to transfer… that’s the problem with the Ethereum network…

It doesnt seem to matter anyway because it wont transfer even with the etherium in there. Im just out a 130 bucks at this point

@shinjorai To be honest, it’s confusing and why I never jumped into it…as I didn’t have the money to try it out. I’m going to tag @brian as he’s the expert on Brave Wallet typically from what I’ve seen on the forums. It’s just a question of when he can find time, as his primary job is working on things on the back end.

I do know based on the screenshots you shared, you have no ETH. When I was trying to research, I know people were talking about hitting Edit on your Gas Fee to update it to the most recent price, which you can tend to see at and to then plug in the information. I guess if the GWEI and all is off, it won’t send.

I spent over an hour trying to read and find answers, but it’s definitely confusing as heck.

@Saoiray Thanks very much for trying to find an answer and tagging brian hopefully he can help. I do have etherium now in the account, like i said those screenshots were before i bought the etherium though. I mainly wanted to show the error. I only bought a couple dollars worth of etherium though so maybe thats not enough, i dont know ive been up all night and really tired atm. Im done messing with this and will just count it as a loss unless somebody can help. Really sucks too im on disability and dont have much money to begin with lol so this kinda sucks to say the least. Oh well it couldve been worse i guess. Anyway thanks again and hope you have a good day. Heres an updated screenshot showing the etherium like i say i dont know if this is enough to pay for the gas but im not going to buy anymore regardless because i feel like im just throwing money down a hole at this point lol. Ive tried it multiple times to multiple external wallets and it still gives the same insufficient funds error.

Thanks again.

@Shinjorai Hi and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I’m a newbie too on all this crypto stuff and I also find it very confusing! I’m going to put in my two cents worth (and it’s probably worth way less than that!) while you are waiting for a definitive response.

It does appear your transaction would not go through because you didn’t have enough ETH to cover the network fee (gas fee) charged to transfer the BAT. What is odd is that it isn’t showing a USD amount in the field under the ETH. In most wallets I’ve seen, the charge displayed in ETH will also display the estimated dollar amount. Just like it does for the BAT in your screenshot: you have 104.7 BAT worth approximately $97.21. I don’t know why the ETH fee is not showing the approximate USD equivalent.

To get a down and dirty ETH estimate in USD, just multiply the ETH charge by the current market price of ETH. So, in one of the examples there is a 0.002438 gas fee. If the market for ETH is say $3k then multiply your gas fee by $3k and that will give you a quick estimate of the fee in USD. So, (0.002438)($3k) = $7.314 - you would need at least that amount of ETH in your wallet in USD for the transaction to proceed.

I don’t know about Brave Wallet, but you usually can change how fast you want your funds transferred. The faster you want your funds transferred, the higher the gas fee. I don’t know if the Brave Wallet offers send options. I did a quick search in the Brave Help Center, here on the forums, and a general search and couldn’t find anything. Of course my search terms may be the problem, the information may be out there I just can’t find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i was looking at it closer and i think it is a shortage of etherium but like i say i dont want to keep buying crypto with no guarantee i can get it out. Because i think its nuts to spend about 50 dollars to get out the original hundred lol. Kinda defeats the purpose. I appreciate the info though. I did see if you have 100 dollars i think i read it doesnt charge you a gas fee so with it being so close to that amount maybe if the market goes up enough ill have a hundred in there and can transfer it out then. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it.

@shinjorai I hear you, I’m on disability as well. Money is always tight. I’ve thought about trying to get a job but then my bills increase because of assistance I’m receiving, so can’t do that either! Just have to stay broke. lol

Anyway, I’m hoping @brian stops by today and can definitely educate us a bit more on it. I’m also hoping eventually Brave can get a Help article written to better explain Gas Fee and all too.

See this yet? (like, just posted, so probably no lol) Was in the new version 1.35.101 release notes. This probably explains why the USD amount for the ETH gas fee was not displaying.

  • Fixed ETH fiat amounts always displaying zero within the transaction panel for Brave Wallet. (#20883)

I get the same message if I try to transfer funds to any of those wallets

@ced Sorry to hear that, it does say something about the transfer fee “gas” so its etherium+ bat I think but the error message is not very informative so its hard to tell. Theres like a 10 dollar processing fee to even buy etherium so its not even worth it. I appreciate everybody replying but at this point im just counting it as a loss and not gonna worry about it. Maybe sometime when i got some money to throw away on etherium ill get some more and do the math and try to figure out exactly how much i actually need to get it out. But i dont know about yall but if im gonna blow money up a wild hogs ass i can think of a lot funner ways to do that than buying crypto lol.

@Chocoholic it actually shows the USD on my end i believe so its working as far as that, just cant get the stoopid stuff OUT to exchange it back to fiat. Oh well live and learn i guess and who knows maybe the market will get bullish and one day itll be worth somehting and it will be a good investment at some point. “investment” yeah… lol Also did you know the word st pid is banned on here? thats weird haha.

Ok just a heads up for anybody else having this issue IT IS the etherium. I bought some more and it still wasnt quite enough to get the entire thing so its reporting a false amount that you need to get your BAT out, but once i had enough etherium i was able to get the majority of the BAT out and sent it to coinbase then converted it to bitcoin. So now i feel a lot better i can actually at least USE the money now in that format. But seriously the brave wallet leaves a LOT to be desired and unless youre earning bat from the ads i cant see that it will ever take off because its just too much of a headache and very costly just to use your own money. Thats pretty silly. Anyways hopefully somebody else sees this and it helps. So basically if you have bat the ONLY way you can get it out is with etherium to pay the GAS fee which it actually reports wrong… Anyways i will never use this wallet again if i can help it. Thanks for all the replies and the help. Have a good one everybody.

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@shinjorai Glad you were able to complete the transaction. Yeah!

On the flip side, ETH gas fees are just ridiculous. Hopefully in the long-term, this will change. For now, as a newbie, I am just real cautious about buying anything especially if I don’t think I’m going to hold it in the same place I bought it! Been bitten myself by the ETH gas fee monster and it hurts. lol

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