Most bookmarks are hidden!

I have my bookmarks not in a bar above but in a side bar on the right side. There is a “disquette” symbol in order to show the bookmarks tree in that sidebar. Up to yesterday, clicking on that symbol showed the full bookmarks tree in the side bar.

NOW (even after closing Brave, and reopening it), the sidebar only shows a fraction of my bookmarks, just some new ones, all the others are NOT gone BUT hidden:

I can see them by clicking on the “3 bars” symbol (top right corner), then by clicking on “Bookmarks” within the drop-down menu I got by that click, and then I see ALL my bookmarks, within the original tree, in some additional list pane.

BUT I do NOT see my bookmarks in the side bar, just, as said, some of them, mostly very new ones.

(In the settings, I have “Show bookmarks: Never” since if I do show them by that setting, I get the bookmarks BAR ABOVE which I don’t want, since what I would do with a bookmarks bar above, for more than 1,000 bookmarks?)

Help please!

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