Bookmark Folders / Drop Down

Previously when a bookmarks folder was selected the contents would appear in a dropdown, and I’d still be able to see my other folders (like Safari). Now, whenever I select one it takes me inside the folder and I can’t see my other folders.

Am I missing a setting or is this just the new way of handling bookmarks? Any help appreciated. Evidently it’s not going to change.

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you specify whether or not you’re referring to bookmarks folders on the bookmarks toolbar? Like what is shown below:

No, I’m talking about bookmarks in the side bar. The first photo shows Brave. The second shows Safari (which is how Brave used to be).

Any thoughts on this?

Do you have any thoughts or a solution to this?

We have an open issue to consider adding the “tree” style view to the bookmarks sidebar here:

I have searched issues and found none similar. Possibly this is because up until a month or so ago - Brave Book mars sidebar operated as I’m describing = “Tree” then suddenly changed.

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I have the same issue/question. The way bookmarks in the sidebar work now is pretty much unusable. I’ve gone back to FireFox until this is fixed. I hope it will be fixed since otherwise, Brave is pretty good.

Except for this issue I was really liking Brave. Back to FireFox for me too

Duplicate post.

Issue filed: