Where are the bookmarks in my bookmarks bar?

Hi, there, I just imported my bookmarks and settings into Brave from Safari. I had all my important bookmarks in the bookmarks bar. They show up this way in the bookmarks manager page, but none of them show up in the bookmarks bar (is there one in Brave???) I prefer to have these commonly used bookmarks right on any page I am looking at so I can quickly open them. How do I get my old bookmarks bar items that are recently imported into Brave into its bookmark bar? At present, it only shows a folder called Bookmarks Bar. I tried opening the folder and then dragging the items up to the bar, but that did not work. Are there other ways?

OK so I moved each of them into the bar individually. Looks like you cannot do this as a group. But then, how do I delete the folder without deleting its content. In other words. there is a folder now on my bookmark bar called Bookmarks Bar but nothing is in it, because I moved each Bookmark I wanted on the Bar into the actual bar, but there is no way to now delete the actual folder (which is empty and taking up space.

On Bookmarks Manager, you can select multiple bookmarks. Just do Ctrl/Cmd + Click.

Can you share a screenshot of this – from Bookmarks Manager?

Basically, if you right click the folder, there should be a delete option.

Thank you. OK, so doing it one a time was the correct - and only - way.

The bookmarks bar folder is now deleted. I was able to right-click on it. exactly as you had suggested. I was just afraid it would also delete all the other bookmarks I had just placed one by one on the Bar. It did not. Thanks! Trying out Brave…Will ask other questions if I cannot find them on the site. Thanks for your help.

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