Most of my bookmarks have gone missing

I had to reinstall brave. I saved the bookmarks. When i went to import to the new brave a folder popped up on the bar (left corner)with all the bookmarks. It said i can add the bookmarks to the bar 1 at a time. I did this till the bar was full (which worked fine) I checked in the right hand top corner under bookmarks if i could see the rest. Yes they were there.
I then deleted the import folder in the bar to the left. I dont know what happened but when i went to click on a bookmark in the list they were gone.
Only the ones that fit across the bar were still there the rest were gone.
I checked the (saved bookmark)folder in my documents, seems no matter where i look i cant find the rest of the bookmarks. i tried to import again but the only ones on the list now are the ones already in the bar.

HELP … I need my 20/30 bookmarks

Thank you for reaching out to us.
When you saved your bookmarks originally, did you use the Export bookmarks feature of the browser?

i googled first to see how to do it right. yes.Capture.JPG

Sorry to be a pain but is there a way to fix this as i need those bookmarks.


The exported bookmarks cannot be altered by themselves unless the .html file is altered directly (which I imagine you did not do). So either the browser didn’t export them all correctly, or it’s not importing them correctly.

Can you open the bookmarks file directly with Brave? You should see a page open with a list of links open containing all the bookmarks held in the file. Can you check this file and see if it at minimum contains all the bookmarks in question?

The only ones that show in the folder “now” are the ones that fitted on the bar.
The rest are all gone. That was the first place i looked when they disappeared.
I was sure i would find them there. Its quite odd because when i deleted that folder it wasn’t like i deleted “all” or “part” of the content.
They were all in the file and they all showed up in brave. So not sure how only the ones on the bar stayed and the others vanished. I would think that they “all” would go missing.
Sending you a pic to show whats in the file. You will see the few that are still on the bar.



If I’m being honest here I have no idea what happened. From what I can tell, you deleted the folder that you imported but that should not have removed/interacted with any bookmarks that were in the HTML file that you exported. To confirm, you no longer have the original Brave data/installation that you exported these bookmarks from?

I KNOW RIGHT… I was sure they were all still in the html. That was the first place i looked.
I reinstalled Brave… The bookmarks were on my old deleted Brave.
I temporarily installed Opera.
I reinstall a New Brave.

I saved bookmarks from old brave… deleted brave… reinstalled… then imported to new brave.
So it was all done with Brave.

Im thinking one of 2 things… either they are gone forever (not sure how) OR they are hiding somewhere in Brave/computer.

Yeah I’m really not sure what is happening here. When you exported your bookmarks from your previous Brave installation, it should have exported all of them (not just was on the bar) as a .HTML file. There’s no way to “split” the bookmarks/file in that way.

If you used the Import option I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t have all imported unless an extension or some other external factor interfered. I can reach out to a couple of other team members that might know something here but this is admittedly pretty perplexing.

Not sure you got me right. The initial bookmark html, they were all there.
when i went to load them back to new brave, they were all there.
when i imported them to new brave they “all” were in the bookmark folder in the bookmark section of brave.
It wasnt until i moved (1by1) to the bar. I then thought if i delete that folder on the left (on the bar) that the rest would automatically
load over to the right OR that they would stay in the folder. Least of all in the html file in documents.
PLEASE; If anyone else has any idea how it would delete them not only from the bookmark section but also from the html file… LET ME KNOW

So you do or do not have the original .HTML file that you exported?

The original file is the one i sent a pic to you in first emails. Thats still in my documents. But now…
It only contains the bookmarks that stuck on the bar. Which i also sent you a pic of.


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