The bookmarks disappear on a regular basis

Hi all!

It’s starting to get irritating. Regularly, the bookmarks disappear (see pictures). Out of the blue, it’s started doing this a couple of months ago.

They are there (I have to restart the application to see them again), but I don’t see them in the menu anymore.

Any idea how to fix this?


Screen Shot 2023-04-17 at 10.00.43 AM

Which version of Brave are you presently using (see brave://version/), do you happen to also be using Brave Sync (via brave://sync/) as well? If you’re using Sync, do you see any configurations that aren’t as you’d expect when visiting brave://sync/?

I don’t use Sync.

I have the last version, v1.50.119. I always update quickly when there’s one.


When the Bookmarks are not visible via the menu, are they still shown when you visit the internals bookmarks page at brave://bookmarks/? If not, what is the process you have found to bring them back? Simply restarting the browser?

Correct. Are they still shown when I visit the internal bookmarks page.

The only thing I found is restarting the browser, but it becomes annoying in the long run to have to do it regularly.

@Henri9009 Sorry, could you clarify that last message for me. The bookmarks are note visible from the menu, but are visible from the bookmarks page? And restarting the browser will at times resolve the issue, making bookmarks visible from both locations?

  1. Suddenly, sometimes, I click on the Bookmarks menu and I don’t see them anymore (see the image in the original post). It’s empty.

  2. When I open the Bookmark Manager tab, I see the Bookmarks. There’re there.

  3. The only solution I found to bring them back in the menu: restart the Browser.

  4. After that, it’s OK, they’re back in the menu, but some days later, I go back to the point #1.

Damn it, it’s a real pain in the neck, this doesn’t stop.

Nobody has an idea on how to resolve that?

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