How to show only "Bookmarks" folder in bookmarks bar?

Hi. I have a new desktop and I’m setting it up to match what I have on my laptop. When I selected “Show Bookmarks” on the laptop years ago, it displayed the “Bookmarks” folder and nothing else. It’s been like that ever since.
However, on the desktop, it displays every folder and/or separate bookmark I’ve created. Why?
All I want/need is the main folder, but it seems as if Brave doesn’t allow that option.

Oh, I only have a dozen or so new bookmarks. I haven’t imported any from my laptop yet, so the bookmark bar shows a simple example of what is happening and not a massive Charlie Foxtrot! Good thing I’m just testing things still.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Almost 2 weeks and no responses? Apparently nobody here knows the answer.

Thanks anyway.

My Bookmarks Bar shows the contents of the Bookmarks Bar folder across its width, with the Other Bookmarks folder at the side, and a separator in between.

If I wanted the Bookmarks Bar only to show a folder called Bookmarks, I would create such a folder in my Bookmarks Bar folder and move everything else from the Bookmarks Bar folder into it.

I’m going to try to answer on how I’m reading things. Apologize if I go on a bit of tangent or whatever, but trying to answer as best I can. If I’m still not answering what you need, please try to help clarify. (also keep in mind I’m just another user, not employed by Brave or anything)

Because they are folders you placed on your Bookmarks. What you have in your Bookmarks folder will show up on your Bookmarks Bar. Kind of makes sense, right?

Let’s take a small look below:


See how I have Bookmarks, Other Bookmarks, and Mobile Bookmarks? Only thing in the Bookmarks folder will actually display on my Bookmarks Bar.

If I were to move things over into Other, then it would instead be like below:

Notice how they no longer are in the Bookmarks Bar? Only two bookmarks are there. However, Brave will then add an All Bookmarks button on the right side of the Bookmarks Bar, those are where I moved everything to Other Bookmarks. There’s no way to hide it the one on the right side that I’m aware of, but it does help at least keep the bookmarks bar clear.

Nah, just means your issue wasn’t seen or didn’t have a priority on reply. I know I’m going to sound like an ass even though I’m not intending it that way, but the issue here is a bit of common sense if people were to toy with things. Did you try moving bookmarks to different places from Bookmaks to other areas?

For example, brand new profile would look like below:

If someone puts things on Bookmarks and it shows on Bookmarks Bar. If they put it in Other Bookmarks, then it goes there.

And there’s always been the ability to add folders. The only thing is a lot of people didn’t create them, even in the 1990s. Instead we just saved stuff to bookmarks and that’s where they remained. And you can hide the bookmarks bar if you don’t want them there, at which case they’d only be visible if you went to bookmarks manager.

On my computer the Bookmarks Bar folder has a more sensible name. I don’t know why it would be different, I can’t even rename it.

That’s interesting. On mine it’s just straight up called Bookmarks and can’t be renamed.


But it is what it is. There’s honestly a lot of changes I would make in order to improve on the UI. Unfortunately, Brave seems to be understaffed and doesn’t put a lot of attention to these types of things. Majority of stuff is just inherited from Chromium.

Yes! Thanks for jolting my memory! My laptop died, so I don’t have anything to use as a reference. In both Brave and Firefox, I have a “Bookmarks” folder in the tier below “Bookmarks.” The second one is actually the result of importing bookmarks from old to new machines; it is already named “Bookmarks.”

THAT is the folder that expands out into dozens of folders containing hundreds or even 1000+ bookmarks in subfolders going 3-4 tiers deep. Since they are all subfolders, the second “Bookmarks” is the only thing on that tier, and it is the only thing that shows in the Bookmarks Bar.

Thanks again. This was driving me nuts. I couldn’t remember how I had organized stuff.

Thanks for your advice/insights. Your response is on the periphery of what I was looking for.

Mythical5th has the slick and quick fix I couldn’t recall. I now remember my bookmarks folder having a single subfolder on that tier that expands into everything. Decades of using computers and years of using Brave and I couldn’t remember how I set up my machines to handle favorites/bookmarks. (Doh!)

As to your response, yes, I tried every tweak I could imagine, but my problem was that all of my ideas were too complex. Remember K.I.S.S.? Yeah.

Oh, yeah, my comment to myself should have had a winking smiley. I was trying to taunt people while being a smartass. But ya gotta admit, I received responses once I posted it!

Folders? What are these folders that you speak of? winks

Back in the early '90s, when I had my first dial-up connection with Netscape or Mosaic or whatever it was on an AMD 300MB machine, it became rapidly apparent that I better organize the little mess of sites I had before it grew out of control. I still find myself creating new “subject” folders every month or three.

Thanks again.

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