Bookmark Side bar not always visible

When I fire up Brave on my desktop, the bookmark side bar isn’t visible. To access it I have to click a card, let that page load and then I can click on the left side of the screen and the bookmarks appear. After I click on a bookmark, it disappears shortly after.

Is there a way I can have the bookmark side bar permanently visible? I am using the latest browser version.

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Where is that setting or how do I navigate to it? Thanks

Never mind. Found it after some digging! What is/was confusing me is that it say SIdebar(Always) not Bookmarks. Nevertheless, my bookmarks are visible now. Thanks!

Yes, the Sidebar can be used for more than just Bookmarks – Wallet, Talk, individual web sites, and perhaps more in the future.

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Thank you. Totally unaware of this. Thanks for the good info.

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